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Do you want to stitch any number of photos into a panoramic image? You don’t need special camera equipment to produce professional 360 or 180 panorama photos. Some panorama photo software stitch ordinary digital photographs into one panoramic photo for a fraction of the cost. These panorama photo software will automatically match and join any series of images to produce 360 or 180 panorama images. In this article, recommend some useful software, help you create your Panorama Photo yourself. These freeware or sharewares combine ease-of-use, power and flexibility to allow even novice digital imaging enthusiasts to move beyond traditional photos into immersive imaging. ArcSoft Panorama Maker enables you to transform a series of overlapping photos into a seamless panorama image. The stitching process is done fully automatic – you only have to provide the proper photos. The program uses advanced technology that can even detect the movement of objects and people and remove multiple instances as needed. Furthermore, you can also fine-tune the result, using the tools provided. Other features include image enhancement options, multi-page print output and more. ArcSoft Panorama Maker supports horizontal, vertical, tiled, and 360 degree panorama styles. The program can save the output as image files, Flash or QuickTime movie. Zoner Panorama Maker enables you to create a horizontal panorama stitch from a series of photos that were shot for this purpose. The program can automatically adjust for minor misalignments and also provides a manual editing mode that lets you define shared connection points, however if the images were taken carefully, the automatic mode will do a fine job without the need for further adjustments. Zoner Panorama Maker will also suggest an ideal cropping area before you can save the image in various popular formats. 360 Professional Suite is image stitching software for cameras and scanners. Whether you want to stitch huge photos for high-resolution printing, lower resolution photos for Web publishing or 360° panoramas for display with the included viewer, this program can do it. ADG Panorama Tools combines series of individual photos. Panorama automatically aligns, stitches images together to form High Quality panoramas and even creates a web page for you in seconds. No additional plug-ins required. ADG Panorama Tools supports ADG, QTVR, JPEG output formats, TWAIN-32 import from scanners and digital cameras. Control panorama viewing with mouse and keyboard. Javascript control enabled. PhotoVista Panorama turns a series of photographs into a seamless 360 panorama that you can publish to the Web. The compact files load quickly and visitors can pan and explore in real time without a plug-in. Capture still images from a scanner or any 35mm or digital camera. The program also supports mega-pixel image cameras; all standard camera lenses; and GIF, JPEG, BMP, PICT and IVR files. This program is also capable of producing high-resolution images suitable for printing on large-format printers. Panorama BackPacker, This is an animated interactive world map. It offers world map search, panorama list search, browse panoramas, thumbnail view of previous/next panorama, wide-screen view (780×340), a location map, QTVR navigation, content auto-update, and ambient sound. WPanorama is an image viewer, specially designed for panorama pictures. It displays the images by scrolling them horizontally or vertically on the screen, and can also run in full-screen or screensaver mode with additional options. It supports 360 degree scrolling, as well as back and forth scrolling with adjustable scroll speeds, mirror mode and more. Furthermore, you can create AVI and BMP export, background music, panorama shows and more. A3DStitcher provides high processing speed, intellectual stitching algorithm and built-in preview. Extended publishing system is presented (static images: BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, Targa and PNG; interactive graphics: A3D Pano Viewer, QTVR, SWF, EXE and AVI). The program supports direct uploading to Web sites, sending via e-mail, local storage and export to ZIP archives. Stitcher EZ is plugin for ACDSee, This plugin automatically creates panoramas, posters and virtual tours of your photos. You can arrange two or more photos to create a wide- angle or 360-degree picture. You can open pictures into Stitcher EZ directly from ACDSee, and stitch up to 9 pictures at a time inside a 3 x 3 picture grid. Stitcher EZ automatically corrects your images for color and horizontal alignment, stitches them seamlessly together and crops them. STOIK PanoramaMaker enables you to create horizontal panorama shots from your digital images by stitching together a series of images so that they result in a seamless panorama view. The program automatically analyzes the images to detect common patterns and stitches them together in proper alignment. For tricky situations, you can also use the manual matching mode and set common image points by hand and instantly preview the result. The resulting panorama image can be automatically cropped and saved as image file or directly send to your printer with configurable print margins and optionally divided over multiple pages. 相关的主题文章: