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Interior-Decorating When it comes to new siding, the number of varying materials on the market can easily make the average consumers head spin. Many customers find themselves torn between the desire to create an eye-catching exterior and the need to stretch their budgets as far as they can possibly go. In order to make the right decision, scores of consumers will undoubtedly appreciate an honest, accurate answer to the following question: Which type of siding offers the best bang for your buck? While each kind of siding material comes with its fair share of advantages and disadvantages, after all is said and done, the answer to this burning question according to Ruben Jeruco of New Jersey-based Jeruco Exteriors is drum roll, please vinyl. The following are some of the reasons why: Vinyl is less expensive: Compared to other types of widely-available siding materials, vinyl is the cheapest to purchase; a savings that Jeruco likes to pass along to his customers. Vinyl is also one of the easiest materials to handle, and since most installation jobs are quick and efficient, companies like Jeruco Exteriors are able to charge less for labor. Vinyl is versatile: Though bolder colors might be a bit hard to come by, vinyl siding is generally available in a nice variety of neutral colors. This makes vinyl very easy to work with from a decorative standpoint. Homeowners who choose vinyl usually do not have to worry about coordinating outdoor furniture or window treatments to match their exteriors since most vinyl siding colors will naturally blend with whatever additional colors are introduced into the design scheme. Vinyl means low maintenance: Unlike other siding materials that require more consistent upkeep, vinyl really doesnt demand a lot of maintenance. Unless your siding happens to be particularly dirty, you can usually get away with one thorough power wash per year. Many homeowners simply incorporate this into their yearly spring cleaning routine and then dont have to think about vinyl siding maintenance until the following spring. Vinyl is easy to repair: Generally-speaking, vinyl is one of the easiest siding materials to repair should the need arise. Vinyl siding panels are designed to pop in and out of place without difficulty, making the average repair job a simple, inexpensive endeavor. Vinyl can save you money in other ways: Vinyl siding, more so than many other types, has insulating properties that can help save homeowners money on heating costs during the winter and cooling costs throughout the summer. Many homeowners begin to notice a significant change in their energy bills once vinyl siding is installed. Of course, when it comes to siding installation, the material at hand is only part of the overall financial equation. The right contractor can also help maximize the power of your budget by offering quality service, an extended warranty, and a discount for being flexible with work dates. Still, if youre looking for style and savings wrapped into one pretty package, then vinyl siding is certainly the way to go. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: