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Home-and-Family We can not .pare our children to other children, but there are times when they do need to keep up with their peers. Potty training can be one of those times, particularly if the child goes to day care. Many daycare providers will not potty train children and will not accept children who are not potty trained. This leaves frustrated parents scrambling to learn how to potty train children. If you are one of those parents looking for answers to how to potty train children, know that help is available. You can learn how to potty train your child and see the benefits of no more diapers! But there are many benefits to potty training your child. Confidence A potty trained child will have more confidence and feel more positive. Just this alone is a good reason to learn how to potty train children. As your child feels more confident, he or she will be more apt to try new things and be more social. Confident children also are less likely to succumb to peer pressure when they are older. This may be looking far ahead and you may be thinking, "I am just learning how to potty train children! I am not even thinking about when they are older!" But those pre-teen and teen years will be here before you know it. Convenience Convenience for the parents is one major benefit that sends moms and dads scrambling for the parenting section of the bookstore looking for books on how to potty train children. Diapers, wipes, diaper bags and trying to find a changing area are all very inconvenient. Sure, we would do anything for our children, but what parent doesn’t secretly or not so secretly look forward to the day when diapers are a thing of the past? That is all the more reason to learn how to potty train children when the time is right and put those diapers behind you. Daycare and School More and more daycares now are not accepting children who aren’t potty trained. They are leaving it to the parents to handle before school or daycare. With most families requiring that both parents work, it is essential that moms and dads learn how to potty train children so that they can get back to work and get their children into pre-school or daycare. Some daycares will potty train children, but they often use a one size fits all approach without thinking of the individual child. Parents should focus on their child’s needs and the way they learn when they research how to potty train children and focus it on their children. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: