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It is of .mon knowledge that one must take into account many various factors performing web site testing , desktop testing or mobile application testing . A professional software testing .pany checks not only the software product functioning under ideal conditions but its behavior under real life conditions as well. In reality there are almost always some unfavorable factors that .plicate the application operation. So, it is important to check how the software product works under unfavorable factors. Testers should keep in mind that besides .plicated conditions problems with applications are often caused by the users. Developers and testers must remember that various people with different experience and knowledge about modern technologies will interact with their software. The user knowledge, experience, mood and need at the moment have great impact on his or her interaction with an application. It is Re.mended to Include in a Mobile Testing Checking the Software Behavior When: – the user interacts with it in a hurry; – the user interacts with it too slowly. Each of these manners of interaction may reveal the defects which may stay undiscovered otherwise and the users will face them after release. Interaction with the Mobile Software When the User is in a Hurry Nowadays there are many situations when we are in a hurry. People often postpone important things to the last minute due to various reasons. So, sometimes we are about to miss a train, or a bus, have little time to ac.plish some tasks and so on. When we are in a hurry we act differently than when we have enough time. In such situation people are not inclined to wait, may miss important information on the screen, the gestures are not so precise and we may tap the wrong button, especially if the buttons are too close to each other and are too little. Some people do many unnecessary moves when they are anxious. In such situation usability and performance issues are of great importance. The Mobile Software Behavior When the User Interacts too Slowly Such situations happen when the user is an elderly person or when he or she has no experience of using modern technologies. A user like that takes time before each action. He or she studies carefully everything that is on the screen. These users work slower than the developers anticipated. In course of such interaction some errors may occur. .mon Errors in Such Situation Are: – the device may auto lock and after unlocking the performed changes may be lost; – the account may get logged off; – the application may shut down. A software testing .pany re.mends its testers to take into account these situations during any testing process, and in course of mobile testing in particular. 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