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Branding Business promotional products as trade show giveaways have been around for a long time. They work as a marketing tactic. With changing times though, the types of promotional trade show items chosen by organizations to publicize their brand have changed considerably too. This has resulted in benefits for both "" the promoted brand as well as its target audiences. In this article, we will discuss some ideas for promotional giveaways that are relatively new and some that are evergreen. Contemporary Ideas for Trade Show Giveaways .puter Accessories With many executives now carrying laptops to work, laptop bags have be.e practical as promotional giveaways. Not only do the users carry them to work and back home daily, the bags also lie in the office all day long, thus giving subtle but lasting publicity to your brand. Your brand sinks into the user"s mind over a period of time. Laptop bags also offer a large display area, allowing you to imprint not only your logo and brand name but also any important information or a call-to-action you want; ex. website address, toll-free dial numbers etc. You can also choose tablet sleeves or USB hub mouse pads as your promotional trade show items, since many people now carry their tablets to work and use them as secondary devices. USB hub mouse pads perform multiple functions "" that of a mouse pad as well as a USB slot hub. This is something that multi-tasking corporate executives would highly appreciate being gifted with. Lanyards and ID Products Lanyards work really well as business promotional products. You could have your trade show reps wear lanyards with their .pany IDs specially given to them for the event. You could have them wear these around the neck. Both, the lanyards and IDs could carry your logo. As they move around the trade show premises and also attend to visitors at your stand, your branding would be noticed potentially by hundreds of visitors. This gives your brand a lot of exposure in a short period of time. Evergreen Ideas for Promotional Giveaways at Trade Shows Pens and Other Writing Instruments Even in this age of tablet PCs and smartphones, corporate executives and professionals continue to use pens and other writing instruments to take notes. Often they first jot down information on a notepad and enter it into their .puting device later. Business promotional products like pens, highlighters, pencils etc. with your logo and brand name are noticed by the recipients each time they use these. Being cost effective, they make great giveaways. Bags Business executives "" especially sales professionals and small business owners "" often travel out of town for work. Gifting them promotional trade show items like briefcases and backpacks can take your brand a ‘ long way’. Clothing If you"re promoting your brand to a mass market, you could use items like T-shirts as promotional giveaways. As your corporate target recipients wear them on Fridays and weekends, potentially hundreds of ‘weekenders’ could take note of your logo. Coffee Mugs Coffee mugs are popular not just at home but in offices too. It"s one place where people can retreat for a few quiet moments as their busy schedules crisscross those of their colleagues. Key Chains Key chains are handy for your target recipients whether for their car, office or house keys. Stationery Promotional stationery like notepads, daily planners, sticky notes etc. are excellent for publicizing your brand within your audience"s office premises among employees or visitors. These are just some ideas to get you started. Another good one is to casually get feedback from recipients about their giveaway preferences. This will act as another source for tweaking your promotional campaigns by including trade show giveaways that your target audience looks forward to receiving and using. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: