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Spices are defined as dried roots, seeds, fruits, barks, or vegetative substances used in food for giving flavors. They are also used to give color and even used in preserving food. Sometimes to hide other flavors, spices are used. Generally people think herbs also .e under spices. Herbs are green leafy plants used for garnishing. Most of the spices contain antimicrobial properties. Hence they are heavily used in cooking meat. Some spices have medicinal properties like turmeric, pepper etc. Other areas where spices are used include religious rituals, cosmetics and in perfume production. Types of spices There are various types of spices available all over the world. The growth of spices depends on the climate, soil type, adequacy of water etc. Import and export of spices is a huge business and earns a lot of revenue for the country. Spices .e in diverse forms such as whole, ground, chopped, roasted, sauteed and fried. They provide flavor and aroma to the dish. They merge with the food to extract the nutrients and give the food a distinct look. Generally, spices are added at the beginning but some spices like pepper powder are added at the end as flavoring agents. Some types of spices are: Pepper is the worlds most traded spice. There are different categories in pepper such as black pepper, white pepper, green pepper etc. From the earlier days, dried ground pepper has been used to give flavor to food and as medicine. The chemical piperine is the reason for black pepper spiciness. Garlic is something which the chefs cant do without. It gives a pungent flavor; hence it is used all over the world as a seasoning. The most .monly used part of the garlic plant is the bulb. Garlic bulb has several cloves. These cloves are used in masalas, pickles and sometimes eaten raw. Leaves, flowers of the garlic plant are also used in food. Cinnamon bark is mostly known for its sweet smell. It is used in cooking as flavoring agent. It is used in the preparation of chocolate, dessert recipes, spicy candies etc. Cinnamon is used in various regions in variety of foods. For example, it is used in cooking non-vegetarian dishes like chicken, lamb, biryani etc., in Asian and Middle East cuisines. In the United States, cinnamon and sugar are used in cereals, bread-based dishes, and fruits. Mustard seeds are used for seasoning. They are small round seeds. Mustard seeds are usually brown in color; some seeds are also yellowish white to black in color. In southern India, no vegetable is cooked without mustard seeds. Mustard oil is used in some areas. The fennel plant bulb, foliage, and seeds are used for cooking all over the world. Dried fennel seed is the most popular and is brown or green in color. The leaves are precisely flavored and used for decorating food dishes. The bulb is sauted, stewed, braised, grilled, or eaten raw. Bay leaves are aromatic leaves used in various dishes like biryani, Italian pasta sauces etc. They are used to garnish dishes. They have long shelf life and are added at an early stage of food preparation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: