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One of America’s most successful and famous businessmen, Robert Allen was among the first to publicize the concept of creating multiple streams of income as a way to attain financial security and freedom. During the past 25 yrs, thousands of his students have used his concepts to become millionaires and attain financial security, freedom and happiness. How about you? Millions of people all over the world who try to get rich fast on the internet fail because they ignore this concept of creating multiple streams of income. They try to make money from one product or service or affiliate program. And when that single money making program or affiliate program fails, they are back to where they began, broke, frustrated and sad. Earning income from internet-based business is no longer easy because it is no longer easy to do internet marketing and generate massive website traffics and sales. Therefore, one way to overcome this adversity is to diversify your online business activities. Sign up in different affiliate programs that have mass appeals. Use different Pay per click, Pay per lead or Pay per sale affiliate program services to monetize all your websites. This means that if a customer goes to your website but for any reason did not buy your main product or service, you may still make money because the customer may click on any of the Pay per click ads, Pay per lead ads or Pay per sale ads. One of the most popular Pay per click affiliate programs most internet marketers use to monetize their websites is Adsense affiliate program. For the first 2 yrs after it was made available to the public, many internet marketers used it to create massive free monthly cash incomes. But since two years ago after the Adsense program ad pricing was modified, the amount of income you could generate from it have drastically dropped down. 3 yrs ago, there was a time when some internet marketers claimed that they were making $1000 daily and even $30,000 monthly from Adsense program and they were very excited and living in cloud nine. But not anymore. These days, you will be lucky if you could generate more than $100 daily from it. But you do not have to worry. There are many other very profitable and POWERFUL "Pay per click", "Pay per lead" and "Pay per sale", affiliate program services that could make you rich too. Pay per click ads pay you nickels and dimes when your customers click on the ads. It is not really the best way to monetize your websites in order to create multiple streams of residual auto pilot incomes. Why settle for making nickels and dimes per click in Pay Per click Ads like Google Adsense program when you could make a lot more (120 times more) in PAY PER LEAD Ads or PAY PER SALE ads affiliate programs? In PAY PER LEAD and PAY PER SALE affiliate programs, you could make $20-$85 per lead/sale when your customers click an ad. This is a whole lot better than making 2 cents and 25 cents from Pay per click ads like Adsense program and others! If you have about 500 visitors going to your website daily and just the barest minimum number of them (for example 10) click on your PAY PER LEAD or PAY PER SALE ad, you could make $20-$85 x 10 = $200-$850 daily in guaranteed affiliate commission cash. This will amount to about $6000 monthly free cash income. If you can increase your website traffics to about 1000 daily, you would double your monthly free cash income to $12,000 (or $144,000 for the year). If you have about 10 such websites producing $144,000 per year in free affiliate commission cash , you could become a millionaire because you will be able to pocket $1,440,000 in free cash yearly (10 x $144,000 = $1,440,000) Remember, this is free cash. Once you do all the website promotions and internet marketing, you are done and the cash will begin to flow every year. One of the most PROFITABLE and POWERFUL and yet little known PAY PER SALE affiliate programs, which could make you filthy rich, is CLICKBANKBUDDY. CLICKBANKBUDDY is a search engine script, which enables you to display 10,000 products and services from website at your website as PAY PER SALE ads. When your customer clicks on any of the CLICKBANKBUDDY ads, you make a commission from the sale. The commission could be anywhere from $20-$50 or more PER SALE, depending on the product or service. This is the jealously guarded SECRET OF SUCCESS of millionaire SUPER AFFILIATES, who make six figure incomes yearly from affiliate programs. You may be very familiar with some of them: Rosalind Gardner, Mike Filesaime and John Reese and thousands of others. How about you? How much do you make daily and monthly from your affiliate programs? Would you like to make a thousand times more FREE EASY AND FAST CASH from affiliate programs like the SUPER AFFILIATES do? To sign up and have the CLICKBANKBUDDY script installed for you FREE so you may begin to use CLICKBANKBUDDY, you have to go to this website and sign up: After you sign up, give them the ftp address of your web hosting service where to install the CLICKBANKBUDDY SCRIPT and they will install it for you FREE. After the installation, you can login to the ADMIN PANEL and copy the PAY PER SALE ad html code and begin to paste it at all your websites. As soon as you paste the html code, it will begin to display 10,000 ads, products/services automatically at your websites. Whenever a customer clicks on any of the ads, it will automatically take the customer to the homepage of the product where he/she will place an order and you will make a commission. After every two weeks, company will add up all the commissions, which you generated and send a check to you. Steps To Get And Begin Using CLICKBANKBUDDY SCRIPT: (1) Sign up as an affiliate of in order to market their products (if you are not yet a CLICKBANK.COM affiliate. Go to and sign up free as an affiliate) (2) The second step is to sign up to get CLICKBANKBUDDY SCRIPT and have it installed for you FREE. (Go to: to sign up so you may get the HTML CODE of the PAY PER SALE ADS) (3) After you sign up, you’ll get an e-mail from the company. Send your ftp address to them so they may login and install your CLICKBANKBUDDY SCRIPT search engine for you. (4) Then login to the ADMIN of the installed CLICKBANKBUDDY Search engine and copy the html code of the PAY PER SALE ads and paste it in all your websites. (If you don’t know how to do this, let us know and we’ll do it FREE for you.) (5) Just getting CLICKBANKBUDDY Search Engine Marketplace and pasting the html code to display products at your websites is not enough for you to begin getting rich from PAY PER SALE ads. You need to promote your websites aggressively in order to generate massive website traffics. SUCCESS IN ALL INTERNET BUSINESSES AND AFFILIATE PROGRAMS AND PAY PER SALE ADS DEPENDS ON PROMOTING YOUR WEBSITES AGGRESSIVELY AND GETTING MASSIVE WEBSITE TRAFFICS. To make getting website traffics EASY for you, please go to our website and download our FREE POWERFUL MARKETING e-book, PRAGMATIC MARKETING ( This e-book reveals POWERFUL, high octane, jealously guarded and hushed up website marketing and promotion TRAFFIC SECRETS of millionaire webmasters which could help you boost your website traffics instantly so that you would begin generating hefty AFFILIATE commissions from your CLICKBANKBUDDY PAY PER SALE 10,000 products and services. In a year, you could become a millionaire with $1,440,000 in free cash income flowing to your bank account for you to spend as you desire. 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Below are some examples of PAY PER SALE websites from CLICKBANKBUDDY Search Engine marketplace generating multiple streams of residual and autopilot free cash income to encourage you to get yours too: .maychic../clickbankbuddy/index.html Copyright Info: This article is copyrighted and you may publish this article at your website, in your e-zine (newsletter, blogs) or send it to a friend as long as you retain the author’s resource box, including the website address, and refrain from altering the content or using it in any re-direction manipulation scheme. If you do not agree to these conditions, please do not copy and use this article. Anyone who violates this condition will be subject to legal action and payment of damages for violation of our copyrights. Thank you. Ikey Benney Taking Advantage Of Student Ac.modation While Staying In London By: Stam Bett – Many people who wish to visit London are unaware of the options that are open to them in terms of ac.modation. 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