Investigators the New York bombings mystery blog is not

Investigators: New York bombings mysterious blog not credible new network new network in September – in 19, according to foreign media reported on 19, a social networking accounts claimed responsibility for the United States of New York Manhattan Chelsea bombing, and threatened to take further action. However, sources from the law enforcement department said that the account argument is not credible. I am a New York bomber." "This will be my declaration," said one of the accounts." At a news conference, FBI official Sweeney William (William) was initially reluctant to comment on these posts. However, after the relevant information revealed that investigators have conducted an investigation of the account, and confirmed that it has no direct relationship with the explosion. The information given on this account shows that it has a clear homosexual tendency, and only two posts, are calling for violence. "I did it because I couldn’t stand it," said the first post. I can’t live in a world of discrimination against heterosexuals." "This is not the end." This article also said: "this is just the beginning, I will be remembered, I will do something different. I will destroy my target as soon as possible." Local 17, Manhattan Chelsea district was placed bomb, the explosion led to dozens of people were injured, including at least one person seriously injured.相关的主题文章: