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IPhone 7 Plus sample analysis: Android call buddy child over the apple press conference this year released a new flagship iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus, and the performance of how most of us look forward to is the iPhone 7 Plus dual camera. According to Apple’s official claims that the iPhone 7 Plus uses a two pixel rear camera 12 million, one of which is a wide-angle lens, the other one is using a telephoto lens, 6P lens, aperture upgrade from the previous F2.2 to F1.8. In addition, iPhone7 Plus camera can achieve 2 times optical zoom and digital zoom of 10 times, and all support optical anti shake. However, the current iPhone7 Plus highlights this dual camera program is the largest, in portraiture, can simulate the SLR camera depthcueing, highlighting the details of the character, blur and blur the background. According to the official announcement, the use of iPhone 7Plus shooting, in the main body to ensure the clarity of the same time, create a blurred background effect. This effect is generally used more common in digital camera, proof of the bokeh effect is particularly good, clear character. Have to say this iPhone 7 Plus camera and has been a qualitative leap, before each generation of iPhone is known as "the most powerful camera mobile phone at the same time, iPhone and 6S, this title is Samsung away, this time the iPhone 7 is able to regain the title? Please pay more attention to our PConline mobile phone channel, we will be on sale in the new machine for the first time to compare the evaluation.相关的主题文章: