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Computers-and-Technology Apple has been continuously innovating on its iPods. Initial iPods were meant to be a storage and playback device for songs on the go. Then came the feature of storing photos, soon followed with podcast facility. The latest iPods can even playback videos for you and come with a whooping 30 GB or 60 GB hard disk option, which can store up to 150 hours of video. So if you own this latest gizmo, read on. The next question is Where can you get those iPod videos and how can you download them on your iPod’? Well, there are many options for you to choose from. The simplest option is to purchase music videos, Pixar short films, or select TV episodes via iTunes 6. iTunes music store has more than 3000 music videos covering almost all the artists from all the genres and select popular TV shows from ABC, MTV, ESPN etc. You have an option of browsing, previewing and in case if you like them, downloading it for $1.99. Having downloaded the no advertisements’ iPod videos, you can then share it with friends or burn it on a CD. If you do not want to pay for these, don’t worry. The good news is that there are a lot of free iPod videos available on the Internet, provided you are looking at the right place. If you are familiar with BitTorrent, its search engine can track videos mainly encoded for iPod, especially the famous television shows. Another free category of available iPod videos is that of exercise videos. So go ahead, give your exercise regime a whole new meaning! Doesn’t satisfy you? Join the world of vodcasts and let the free iPod videos come to you without searching for them. Are you a frequent traveler and miss your family a lot? You can even convert your favorite family videos into iPod videos. Just download the free software from ..pqdvd.. and covert all the home videos to iPod videos in one click. The conversion speed is fast and it does not .promise on the video quality. You can also edit these videos. The other free software you can use is Videora or the 3GP Converter. For Mac users, Handbrake, iSquint or MovieToGo is a good choice. The other option of conversion is to utilize the Convert Selection’ facility from the Advanced Menu’ provided by iTunes. Though you will have to purchase an upgrade to Quicktime Pro, this does not need any extra software and you can convert your home movies in MOV, MPEG and MP4 format. Just synchronize it to your iPod and play on! iPod videos can be a perfect gift for someone you love. Just buy and email an iPod video to a friend. If you are not sure of what the other person would like, just go ahead and print a gift certificate for an iPod video. It will be a gift that will remind the person of you, and rest assured, these will only be fond memories! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: