Landslides in Zhejiang have confirmed that 7 people were killed and 20 people lost contact shuyue

A landslide in Zhejiang has confirmed 7 people were killed and 20 people are still lost the original title: Zhejiang Suichang Su Village landslides confirmed 7 people were killed and 20 people are still lost map: local fire victims will be carried out of the disaster scene. At the beginning of Shi Hao photo Beijing, September 30 Lishui Xinhua (reporter correspondent Zhang Yin Ye Tao) 30, according to the latest official news, Zhejiang province Suichang County North Zhen Su Village landslides, has caused 7 local people were killed, 20 people are still lost. About 17:28 on September 28, 2016, Su Village town of Zhejiang city of Lishui Province, the northern boundary of Suichang County landslides, landslides, landslides amount more than 40 cubic meters, 20 houses were buried, 17 houses water, causing heavy casualties and property losses. The landslide site, in ruins, the scene is a mess. Due to the large landslide mountain area, the disaster area is wide, the situation is complex, rescue difficult. Fire officers and soldiers and large excavators cooperate closely, focusing on large-scale mining machinery field for early detection, and search for people buried in the mud and rocks in the slit signs with rescue dogs, do not let any traces. When the fire brigade found by a large number of earthwork buried victims, rescue officers and soldiers regardless of fatigue, immediately put into the rescue, after half an hour of fighting, successfully carried out the victims. "Slow down a little, a little slower, whenever found buried personnel, officers and soldiers will invariably loudly remind each other, for fear of little mishap cause two damage to persons in distress. Rescue work has been going on, the officers and men did not take a rest during the rescue one minute. Although eating, soldiers are the "two classes", some players eat first, then replaced the search and rescue team. 30 am, rescue workers at the scene to find a person. In order to prevent the cause second damage of buried personnel, fire officers and soldiers drill into the slit, legs and knees by hand digging, defying the conditions of hardship and difficulties, a little digging mud and rocks. Under the tireless efforts of the fire brigade, the remains of the victims were successfully dug out. There are still 20 people lost contact at the scene, rescue work continues. (end) editor: the flourishing SN123相关的主题文章: