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Business Magnetic separators are used to abolish unnecessary particles in product manufacturing. Initially, they were introduced as farm equipment in 1940. Their basic job was to remove metals from grains. The first magnetic separator was designed by Orange F. Merwin. Gradually, its use expanded and it started gaining popularity among various industries. Now, it has become a very important device for industries. With the increase in its use, its design has also changed. Magnetic separator is no longer just a plate. It is safer as it does not involve the risk of catching fire anymore. It has been modified for utilization in large scale. Magnetic plates are used in chutes, pipes, and ducts of manufacturing facility. It can be either permanently attached to the machine or can be hanged inside it. The fixed ones are difficult to clean. A magnetic separator has many parts like hopper, a feeder, rotating drum, enclosure, geared motor, splitters and outlets. In case of fixed ones, first the material from the hopper goes to the rotating drum at a controlled rate where magnetic particles are pulled out and after that the rest move ahead. The splitter divides the particles into the outlet. If the magnetic separator is hung above the goods manufacturing machine the materials flow over the plate while it pulls out the unwanted things. The main task of a magnetic separator is to remove all the metallic particles and ensure product purity. The product manufacturing involves many processes and some processes involve chemicals or other harmful materials too. It is necessary to remove them before using further. Plate magnets pull out all the harmful objects. Generally permanent magnets are used in this device. These magnets vary in magnetic properties. Depending on the usage, this device is available in different size and type. There are few things one should know in order to choose the right device. To know how to run the machine properly. To understand the environment properly where device is going to be installed. Magnetic separators are being used in mining industries, food processing, paper mills etc. Their main job is to pull out mainly the tramp metal. It is important as these materials can cause harm to consumers health. It also protects the machine from damage. Proper maintenance of the device is very necessary to gain optimum result. Please Visit Site:- About the Author: 相关的主题文章: