Mid Autumn Festival will be located in Shanxi, multi-dimensional frame corruption high pressure line bleep

Shanxi Mid Autumn Festival corruption multidimensional frame "high tension line" – the promotion of official Beijing, Beijing, Taiyuan, September 14, (Ren Lina) a report area, to carry out special inspections, informed of the typical case, increase public exposure efforts, strengthen accountability and discipline…… Chinese Traditional Festival Mid Autumn Festival approaching, Shanxi multi dimensional holiday corruption set up a high voltage line to promote official corruption. Full of tender feelings the "reciprocity" festival, often wrapped with "sugar" etiquette bartering; holiday recreation Gongjusiyong public funds, repeated. During the holiday season, corruption is often a high incidence of a particular period of time. Shanxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection 14 Foreign reiterated the party members and cadres during the festival "five no" rules are not allowed to use public funds to do the luxury and luxury festivals; no use of public funds to send all kinds of boxing; are not allowed to accept may influence impartially with the unit and management right of service objects donated gifts, gifts, securities and payment (card) no certificate; public funds to travel, Gongjusiyong; no illegal payment or payment of allowances and subsidies in disguise. In order to curb corruption festival in Shanxi Province, city and county discipline inspection organs at all levels to set up supervision and reporting exposure area, issued a notice to the society through television, newspapers, websites, SMS and other media published reports of phone and reporting web site, accept the Mid Autumn Festival, national day two people during the report. Meanwhile, Shanxi discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels will organize and coordinate special inspections. In addition, the Mid Autumn Festival on the eve of Shanxi Province, the discipline inspection organs at all levels to increase public exposure, informed by name in typical case analysis and warning, high-pressure anti-corruption situation continues to shock officials. Changzhi city Huguan County Bridge on the original owners Lv Wangbin holiday Gongjusiyong zouqingfangyou was removed from the animal husbandry and veterinary station of Linfen city; Yaodu District Justice Bureau of former party secretary Dong Haibo dacaodaban was dismissed; Xinghualing District of Taiyuan United Front Work Department, former deputy minister Wang Caiping illegal to use 662.1 yuan of public funds to buy food for the party was given a warning disposition…… And so on, over the past few days, the Shanxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection, continuous exposure in violation of the provisions of the spirit of the CPC Central Committee eight typical cases. Shanxi Province, a discipline inspection official told reporters, whether it is dancing on the tip of the Gongjusiyong, lavish, or "discipline violations" of public funds, because of the "small" and take off the hat of accountability, is that Shanxi large and hold small, the more back the more strict discipline and punishment the heavier the corruption situation ". The official said, the corruption of leading cadres, often from unwholesome tendencies of extravagant pleasures, open the gap from the "four winds". But frequently is to be the real thing, there will be no one in their own "hat" play "adventure". (end)相关的主题文章: