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In the media survey instructors kicks boys testicles: military training should be standardized in accordance with the law in November 9th, an article entitled "the military does not wish to do one thousand pushups, boys were playing" news instructor crack testis is the major site of push, because the news involved in military training for students, instructors, militia reservists and other sensitive words, attracted a large number of users thread hot, instantly raise a Babel of criticism of speculation. To find out, I immediately by telephone interview involved the school, students and other related personnel, the working group with the methods of field investigation, on the matter: from October 31st to November 4th, Guangxi reduction of Yulin city secondary school in the first occupation to the school district for military service and the Department of Education Report, approval, filing the case independent, contact and hire local bearing training company for the freshmen military training management organization. The morning of November 3rd, the school in the process of training organization in the new Chen where the class was that the flight was delayed because of the action is not standardized, the teacher Liang pull out alone to strengthen practice. Chen was the first teacher pulled out and was ordered to do one thousand push ups, Chen is not willing to do, and the teacher excuses, so Liang Chen left ear smoked a slap in the face, and then use the knee of the Yin, the students’ strike on the spot. After the hospital sent to the inspection found that the left side of the testicular tear, left ear bleeding. On the evening of the hospital testicular fixation and myringoplasty were successful for Chen, schools and training units to pay all medical expenses. China’s military service law stipulates that students in Colleges and universities must accept basic military training during their studies. The first occupation technical secondary school Guangxi Yulin City, the new military training organization is implementing the "good service law" requirements, but due to hire coaches Liang beat injury, caused great physical and mental harm to newborn Chen, provoked heated debate, has brought serious negative effects to the students’ military training. This incident caused public opinion and Yulin military attaches great importance to the Yulin military district and Yulin City Education Bureau and other relevant departments to immediately set up a working group to investigate and deal with. After verification, to participate in student military training for the local training company, and the army has nothing to do with the beating of the beam for the company staff, not online hype militia militia". Subsequently, the military hand to urge schools and bearing training units to do remedial work, study on someone’s units and individuals accountable, and conscientiously sum up the lessons; on the other hand, the network version of a newspaper version of the content tampering with the inventory. Military service agencies and educational administrative units agreed that the student military training must be strictly implemented in accordance with the law. In the program, the school must advance the general training plan submitted to the administrative department of education and the jurisdiction of the people’s Armed Forces Department filing for approval by the people’s armed forces, and coordination of assigned good political and ideological quality, love the cause of national defense education and military training with professional quality and ability of management personnel. In training, to strictly enforce the "ordinary high school student military training program" and "high school student military training outline" provisions of the content, focus on understanding and grasp the general knowledge of the military and military technology. In the training management, we should strengthen the education and management of military teachers. Before the opening of the training to clear the specific requirements, the signing of the responsibility of safety training, strengthen discipline awareness and sense of responsibility of the sea相关的主题文章: