Misconceptions About Tarot Cards-mia farrow

Spirituality Although lots of people have started believing in the efficiency of tarot cards but still there are some who still doubt their ability. As a result lots of misconceptions develop like people still think that these cards are a form of magic. As a result they are not even willing to touch these cards because they think that the magic of these cards will affect them negatively. On the other hand the symbols, colors or numbers present on these cards have nothing to with magic but they only convey some meanings. These tarot cards are actually thousands of years of human experience which is embedded in these cards in the form of symbols, numbers or colors. They don"t make the exact predictions of the future events but they can only show us some of the likely possibilities or give us some guidance for making decisions. There is also a misconception about the tarot cards that these cards are evil as the symbols present on them are images or signs of evil people and the people who are engaged with these tarot card readings have got dark powers. Actually this myth originated during the Middle Ages when Christians eradicated pagans because pagans were their chief competitors at that time. Tarot at that time was associated with pagans. Christians still are anti-pagans so they still consider tarot cards as evil without understanding the reason and importance of the tarot cards. Tarot cards are actually associated or related to any religion they just speak the universal language of symbols to make some likely to happen predictions. Also there are people who think that the origin of tarot cards is China, India or ancient Egypt but according to the evidences found they are believed to have been originated in Italy. Tarot is considered fraud business to make money by some but in every profession there are dishonest people who without knowing the subject are just making their own fortunes. Tarot is actually more susceptible to these kinds of fraud people. They sometimes consider themselves as fortune tellers. It has been observed that people consider these tarot card readers as witches or devils. But the tarot has no connection with any religion or something. Different readers of different religions choose different deck of cards suiting to the images present on them according to their religion. This is just for the tarot towards a particular religion nothing more than that. There is also a prevailing myth that reading the tarot cards again and again or reading your own tarot cards can bring misfortune for a person which totally considered being false by the professionals. This may have arisen from the fact that the tarot card readers don"t read their own cards. This is not because they cannot do so but it is rather it is difficult to do so. The reason behind this is that the tarot card reading requires reader, questioner and it become quite difficult for a same person to become reader and questioner at the same time. Also it is sometimes believed that psychic ability is needed to read or interpret what these tarot cards are trying to say but that is not true. You just need to have deep knowledge of the symbols present on the cards and all you need is to decipher their meaning. These meanings have been developed over the years through human experience. The person should be relaxed and calm during the tarot reading because it is the subconscious mind which is working at that time rather than any psychic ability of a person for doing the prediction. Tarot are sometimes believed to affect the life of others which is completely opposite of the function of the tarot cards. They cannot be used to do things or make things happen rather they are only used to predict things or interpret situations. Finally we should understand Tarot cards are of great use as it is a kind of preserved knowledge collected over the years. There is not any magic involved or any psychic ability to do the interpretation. Rather with the help of these cards we can guide people in difficult situations with their amazing abilities and powers. Margot is a professional psychic/teacher of tarot cards for over 25 years, as well as the author of several books on the tarot and others. For more information about Tarot cards and their meanings visit www.livepsyche.com. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: