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Software Before turning to Lotus Domino to Exchange 2013 migration process, it is important to know the condition which necessitates the move for it will help users find the right application that can have clear and sharp edge in the act. Lets have some prior information about Lotus Domino and Exchange. Lotus Domino Server This is a very popular enterprise solution for messaging, emailing, collaboration and scheduling from IBM. It is the server application of the international technology & consulting group. Previously, Lotus Domino was known as Lotus Notes Server. Under one roof, the Lotus Domino server provides requisite infrastructure for the purpose of creating, deploying, testing, and managing multi-lingual and distributed applications that include databases, directory, security, connectivity, application server, security, administration, email server, calendar, web server and many more services. Exchange Server Exchange server is a product of Microsoft. It is a contact manager, calendaring software as well as an email server. It constitutes an important part of Microsofts servers group of products and runs on Windows. It is basically an emailing client that channels messages and communications. Exchange 2013 is the advanced version of the Exchange Server and is highly rich in terms of features, services and technologies. What calls for Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange ( migration? In the present scenario of business growth, competitive market and across the world client relationship, high speed communication and information exchange hold value. Vast of pool information today is shared digitally and hence the need of the strong medium is what all users look forward to. Exchange 2013 with its unique and ultra-high features makes users handle information exchange process precisely and smoothly and with less risk. It supports organisations and people to collaborate with other entities and users seamlessly and channels emails along with various other attachments of contacts, photographs, calendar, among others. Exchange 2013 allows users to merge multiple sources contacts and create a linear view of a user by integrating contact information from various locations. Users can have a very engaging experience with Exchange 2013 as it is highly compatible with other devices and applications like mobile devices. Other important features of Exchange 2013 include its easy integration with Lync 2013 and SharePoint 2013 via in-place discovery and site mailboxes. Need of a third-party tool Now that it makes sense why users tend to move to Exchange 2013 from Lotus Domino, it is important to note here that the migration of messages and emails to Exchange requires the intervention of a software tool that can ease the burden of moving heavy and bunch of them. There are quite a lot of software solutions that can be availed for this purpose of moving bulk data from Domino Server to Exchange 2013. An application of such kind is a necessity for those who want to ensure hassle-free and smooth process of Lotus Domino to Exchange 2013 migration. Author Bio: The vendors software designs and products have been widely acclaimed world over. It is the most looked after point for a solution in Lotus Domino to Exchange 2013 Migration (..exportnotes../ibm-lotus-notes-to-microsoft-outlook) process. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: