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Business After hours of packing, it’s finally time to wrap them up before sending the package on its way. You immediately grab the nearest adhesive and use it to tape the folds. Unwittingly, however, you used light-duty packaging tape instead of the sturdy carton sealing tape; its stickiness could not handle securing your box. Soon, you realize that the package arrived at the addressee a little worse for wear. Did you know that there are various sealing tapes and adhesives designed for specific uses? They range from conventional tapes for arts and crafts and office work to heavy duty sealing tapes used for shipping and securing packages and boxes. Know What Sticks Well on What It pays to know the kinds of tapes and packaging adhesives most suitable for packaging purposes. Conventional tapes used by schools and offices are used to seal paper materials such as envelopes and folders. Unless you’re shipping greeting cards and important documents, you are better off using packaging for your boxes, cartons, and crates. Carton sealing tapes, for instance, are designed to work with loads placed inside cardboard or plastic containers. For packages that contain wholesale or fragile cargo, durable stretch wrap film can be wrapped around stacks of boxes to lock them in place. Stretch wrap films aren’t exactly adhesives, but they can stick to pallets and stacks when used properly. Stretch Wrapping vs. Shrink Wrapping Most people confuse stretch wrapping with shrink wrapping since both are used to wrap packages. The former is generally used for holding pallets or crates that have quite a substantial load. The latter is used primarily for protecting a single or a cluster of perishable product during shipment. Both wraps are applied in different ways but are versatile in preventing contaminants such as moisture and dust from getting into your goods. Whether it’s sending a care package or shipping a bundle of items, using the correct packaging materials is crucial to make sure your products reach their destinations safe and sound. For more information on packaging adhesives and how to properly use them, you can visit the website at PackWorld.com. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: