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Eye-Care The opthamologist online directory provides access to eye doctors all across the US including Nebraska, New Jersey and Texas. There is new hope for a lazy eye which previously had no correction available. Learn more about this new hope available for lazy eye treatment. The online directory provides a comprehensive listing of qualified opthamologists in states all across the US. Simply enter your zip code and locate an eye doctor who can provide you with the newest advances in medical science available. Previously there has been no treatment for Amblyopia or lazy eye. This illness is characterized with poor vision in one eye which is not the result of a structural abnormality. This problem cannot be corrected with glasses or contact lenses because it is not a problem with eye itself but rather with how the brain provides input for the eye. This is a very common ailment affecting about 16 million people in the US alone. This often occurs during early childhood between birth and age 6. The one eye sees clearly while the other does not. The brains reaction results in a permanent vision decrease in that eye. The brain naturally begins to suppress images from one eye. Other lazy eye causes can result from trauma, lid problems, cataracts, a blockage in the eye, one eyes vision being more nearsighted or farsighted than the other, etc. An opthamologist in your area should be consulted with for options available including new treatments. For many years opthamologist believed that treatment was possible only in very young children and that after a certain point of development the brain’s activity was permanent and it could no longer be retrained. This however is becoming an obsolete belief among eye doctors. To treat lazy eye syndrome the vision in the good eye must be covered up which forces the brain to use images from the lazy eye/weaker eye. This can be done with an eye patch though in some cases drops are used instead. The drops will dilate the eye causing blurry vision this is beneficial for children who insist on removing a patch however this treatment does have side effects including light sensitivity due to constant dilation. Traditional treatment has been beneficial for children up to the age of 17. Early treatment is most beneficial and includes the quickest recovery and best results. However, there is new hope for adult sufferers as well. New research is now available to opthamologists that shows the brain has more plasticity than previously thought and there is renewed hope for adults experiencing this syndrome. Eye doctors have found that a repetitive treatment of rTMS can provide temporary improvement in adult patients. Fifteen minutes of therapy results in improved vision for a minimum of thirty minutes. Eye doctors are optimistic that repeated doses will result in longer lasting improvement and are allowing the brain to be more receptive to vision therapy. Researchers believe that this is the effect of a balance of excitation and inhabitation in the brain. This treatment is used to provide recovery after stroke and the effects on depression are also being studied. Use the online directory to locate an opthamologist near you who can provide you with more information on this revolutionary research and its potential impact on your visionary health. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: