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Parenting Iris baby names are not only popular in Ireland but also in other parts of the world. There are so many soon-to-be-parents in US, UK and other counties who love the beauty of Irish boy or girl names. A new trend has emerged in recent years that many would-be parents go through the list of popular names in a particular year before naming their child. They pick names that have been popular in the last year. There is good news for such parents who love popular baby names. The Central Statistics Office (CSO) based in Ireland has released their list for the most popular baby names from last year, 2012. The Irish Times reports that the CSO has found that Jack for boys and Emily for girls have both been able to retain the top ranking spot since 2011. This shows that these two names are in vogue. Another interesting fact is that the top five boys names – Jack, James, Daniel, Sean and Conor – have been in the top five in varying positions since 2007. Four of those top five names – Jack, Sean, Conor and James – have been in the top five since 1998, but in different positions. But the name that climbed many positions is the Danny. This name has been quite popular and it has jumped 22 places from 114th the previous year. Danny joined the names such as Isaac and Logan which has made their maiden appearance in the top 100 names. The top five girls names – Emily, Sophie, Emma, Grace and Lily have remained in the same order they were ranked in 2011. Emily is quite popular and it has been in the top five names for girls in the past four out of five years. Girl names such as Evie, Amelie, Hanna, Maisie and Rose have made an appearance in the top 100 names for the first time. The noted journal reports that there was a wider variety of names for girls rather than boys, with 4,730 girls names registered compared to 3,804 boys names. Another important fact to note is that a smaller range of names were used for boys than for girls despite of increase in the number of male births. Additionally, it has been observed that 60.9% of girls were given a name in the top 100 while 62.6% of boys were given a name in the top 100. The survey also revealed that Jack was the first preferred name for Irish nationals. James was the most popular choice with parents of UK nationality while David and Matteo were the most popular boys names chosen by parents from the EU15 (excl Irl & UK). Filip was the preferred boys name chosen mostly by parents from the Accession states. Parents from countries outside the EU made Daniel the highest ranked name of baby boys registered in Ireland in 2012. For girls where both parents were Irish nationals, Emily was the most picked name. Ella and Jessica were the top ranked names picked by parents of UK nationality. As a parent, you can use these facts for your knowledge. If you are interested in picking one of the top five boy or girl names, you can pick from the list. You can go through the facts released by CSO for the year 2012. A popular Irish name will give your baby the edge and also great amount of joy to you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: