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Is Guo Jingjin and CMO Island: venture capital environment more pragmatic suggestions entrepreneurs have accumulated and then start Sina & Li Gen November 25th, 2016 Chinese ten trend figures held in Haining Chao Xiang, and island are the senior partner and chief marketing officer Guo Jingjin to comment on the morning guests attended the roadshow, after the meeting, he accepted the interview about Sina Technology the roadshow project view, and this year the trend of venture capital. Guo Jingjin said that in the morning of 9 roadshow project, most good "cloud lattice shop", this is a from the Zhejiang University out of the idle goods trading platform. The positive and the island senior partner in an interview to explain the good reasons, market entry point is very accurate, he looking for gaps in the market, including the blank spot in the Jingdong, Taobao, and even the lack of big business platform. Guo Jingjin also analyzed the most important issues facing entrepreneurs: just started doing no resources, even without a corresponding reserve, it may just appear, even a little bit into the point type will be the big kill, how to enter when you around the living environment is very poor market, how to solve this problem.? The senior partner of the island and the proposal is to master the technical barriers, rather than easy to copy mode. The core technology in the short term it is difficult to be surpassed, or even copied, because of the protection of technology, research and development takes time, gave him to create your market growth and expansion of survival." In addition, Guo Jingjin also analyzed the changes in the venture capital environment Sina Technology, he believes that this year compared to last year, the venture capital environment has become more rational and pragmatic. "For the capital demand we think more clearly, and you will find 9 projects today, each project is talked about their business model and profit model of their own, this is seldom mentioned in all commercial projects last year even before the content, now a very pragmatic, survival is the first priority. Especially creative projects, so that they can survive, this is very important, this is a very good phenomenon." Guo Jingjin said. The positive and the island also suggested that the senior partner of entrepreneurs "rational business", and have the resources and experience to venture, "" business risk, need to be cautious to enter. "This is my personal view, but I hope that we can see clearly, you are not really willing to go to this thing instead, in order to catch a fashion, chasing a current hot topic of blind business, everyone is ready, including your personal resources, your capital size, strength, your experience, your work experience, social experience and so on to venture on the basis of certain." (about 2016 Chinese trend figures special roadshow, details can be found: "Chinese trend figures special roadshow: 9 Star project won praise for investors") following Sina interview Beijing Guo record: Sina Technology: Today roadshow down, you have what kind of feelings, more love which project or more optimistic about which project? Positive and island Guo Jingjin: in fact, I think the whole of these projects are.相关的主题文章: