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Vacation-Rentals Call it an exaggeration, but Pune is truly a University Town; the city is kind of one of its own. There are colleges and institutes galore here. From engineering (COEP) to medicine (BJ), arts (FC) to science (SP), Pune has everything; yes, it has everything. Once a typical orthodox city, Pune now brims with life; students from across the country and globe flock to the city. Fergusson Road, and Paud Road, and Durga Coffee House If youre not a typical businessman who only believes in making money day in and day out, a stroll along the Fergusson Road (especially on a Saturday evening) is highly re.mended; youll find the place full, crowded, thriving, and yes, extremely lively. Another not to miss attraction in the city is the Durga Coffee House on the Paud Road near MIT College. Its at the Durga Coffee House that youll find a massive crowd of students gulping down hot coffee to stay awake all night for their examinations; a delight for someone who misses his/her college! Anything More? Yes, there is. Pune has a lot to offer to a traveller: there are museums (dont make faces), there are surrounding hill forts, and there are serviced apartments in Pune. Id personally re.mend serviced apartments as long as youre in the city, as these apartments offer you facilities of 5-star hotels, and charge you like budget hotels. The city has something for everyone. Pune is quite distinct from the rest of India; it has its own appeal. Whether youre a globe trotter, or someone whos looking for a week-long holiday destination, Pune is for you. All youve to ensure is your room/apartment in the city, so you dont end-up running from one hotel to another, or one serviced apartment to another apartment. And, now that things like online booking are possible, all youve to do is call up the front desk of your preferred serviced apartments Pune , and book your ac.modation. You can even ask them to arrange some fun/adventurous activities for you; theyll be more than happy to do this for you; of course, youll have to pay for this. Last, but not the least, its better if you go to the city updated; I mean, there is no harm in spending a few hours online or talking to some of your friends whove been to the city so you dont miss out on anything important. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: