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Arts-and-Entertainment One of A&E’s most popular reality shows is Dog the Bounty Hunter, featuring real life bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman. The show has an interesting beginning, spinning off of an original television appearance on an A & E network special "Take this Job," a program about people with unusual occupations. The response to the husband and wife team, Dog Chapman and his up until recently .mon-law wife Beth Smith (Chapman and Smith were recently married in a 2006 Hawaiian ceremony), was unexpected and prompted A & E to develop a series about the Chapman family and their bond business, Da Kine Bail Bonds, located on the islands of Oahu, Maui and the Big Island. Dog makes for a sensational reality figure, bearing prison tattoos, dressing in outlaw garb, cowboy boots, and sporting a bleached out mullet accessorized by tribal beads. In fact, the entire bounty hunting crew, including Dog and his life and business partner Beth, are similarly decked out in arm bands, mullets, leather and tattoos, and all have a mace can strapped to their side. The crew is populated by a revolving door of Dog’s relatives and children (he was twelve, including two with Beth), but usually features his sons Leland and Duane Jr., and his brother Tim "Youngblood" Chapman. Dog’s nephew, Justin Bihag, appeared in the first season and Dog’s daughter, Lysa, appeared in season three. The show chronicles the family exploits, including cowboy boot shopping, trips to the beach, and a bevy of miscellaneous activities like parades, award shows, and talent contests. There are frequent innuendos to the love life of Dog and Beth, undoubtedly brought about by Beth’s ultra form fitting and revealing clothing choices. Interestingly enough, Dog and crew are responsible for capturing over 6,000 bail jumpers and criminals. One of his most high profile cases was the takedown of the Max Factor cosmetics heir Andrew Luster in Mexico. Luster was later transported to the US on a warrant for several rapes and imprisoned. The theme song of the show is called "Dog" and is sung by Ozzy Osbourne. Viewers enjoy seeing the softer side of Dog emerge, evidenced by his respectful treatment of even the worst criminals. Dog reflects on his own past as an ex-con and believes in giving his captures a second chance at a decent and law abiding life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: