Rihanna + Chris Brown = One Hot Mess-jodie foster

UnCategorized Chris Brown and Rihanna are two recently notorious musical entertainers whose escapades together have drawn tough and romantic criticisms alike. The lovely chanteuse Rihanna, 21 and the young stud Chris Brown, 18 have had a bittersweet relationship. At first, Chris Brown met up with Rihanna all over the world just to be with her. Then, he bought her a $50,000 ruby and diamond pendant from a Beverly Hills boutique. Both stars also had matching star tattoos inked into their necks. Rihanna had hers done first, then Chris Brown had his done later. It was a match made in heaven. Then, the physical altercation happened between them, leaving everyone emotionally stunned. The fight in February that left Rihanna battered and bruised and Chris Brown an accused felon was provoked by a three-page text message from Brown’s manager, Tina Davis. According to law enforcement officials, the message included a request to hook up later and it made Rihanna aggressive enough to slap and hit Chris Brown, after which he fired back several harsh blows. The affidavit refers to the message as being from someone Chris Brown had a previous sexual relationship with. Chris Brown was charged with two felony counts after he allegedly physically abused Rihanna, following a party in Los Angeles. Rihanna’s bruised photo of her face from the police somehow wound up on the internet (no news on who sold out that pic yet). Chris Brown and Rihanna together again as a couple was pretty shocking. Almost three weeks later, it was reported that they were a couple again. Rihanna requested through her lawyer that the judge not prohibit Chris Brown from any contact with her. Rihanna didn’t request that he have a restraining order to begin with. Rihanna didn’t deserve to be hurt so badly in return nor does she understand that next time, she might not even have to hit him to get him to hit her back that all it could take is her words and he might snap out in violence. Tina Turner endured abuse for years with Ike. Hopefully that won’t happen to Rihanna with Chris Brown. Oprah Winfrey had a show about domestic abuse on Thursday March 12th which included Chris Brown and Rihanna’s publicly acknowledged incident. She wished the couple love and happiness and expressed her concerns about counseling and healing. Hopefully they will both receive the help they need to survive. On an even lighter note, two weeks ago both artists were reunited when they recorded a duet together. It’s reportedly about a couple over.ing challenges that they face in life. Chris Brown also wasn’t intended as Rihanna’s duet partner, but was a replacement for someone else. It was recorded at P Diddy’s studio in Miami. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: