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Home-Improvement The name Root Candles is one of the most recognized in the industry, and its no wonder. Root Candles have been in production since 1869, when the family that still runs this business opened their doors in Medina, Ohio. This is truly a business that has proven their worth and can back up their success with the time-honored tradition of earning rewards by hard work and due diligence. This .pany has produced some of Americas finest candles for five generations, all the while improving their products with innovations in fragrance formulas and high standards of quality. The candle market has been around for centuries, and here in America the .petition has always been high. The only way a candle making .pany could succeed is by providing reliable candles from the start. Root Candles have always strived to make sure their products are the most reliable anywhere. This is the only sure way to stay in business for very long, and Root Candles have proven to be the choice among consumers for nearly 150 years. Root Candles .e in all of the shapes and sizes that are expected of a candle maker. The taper candle, one of the first styles to be used in this country, is still a top priority for Root Candles. They offer a full line of colors and fragrances in taper candles to suit any taste or interior design. They also offer unscented candles, which are sometimes more appropriate for dining occasions. The pillar style of candle is another popular product offered by Root Candles. These solid candles are very useful in tabletop uses, providing a sturdy base in a long-burning candle that is perfect for room lighting, reading, or for a certain aesthetic effect that can often be more conducive to larger rooms than regular lighting. Jar candles have been the rage for many years. The elegance of a glass enclosure around a colorful pillar-style candle is one reason for this popularity, and Root Candles offer some very attractive jar candles in their product line. Their 22 ounce Queen Bee candle, made from all-natural beeswax (hence the name) and infused with a fragrant mixture of pure essential oils that will permeate any room. The 7 ounce Veriglass is designed for smaller rooms, and the thin coating of ice that is the translation of Veriglass describes the glossy and delicate look of this surprisingly long-burning candle. All of the jar candles .e in a variety of fragrances that can be appropriate in any setting: the Apple Harvest blend, the Bayberry with balsam and vanilla, the Cranberry with rhubarb and black currant, the Crisp Linen with a citrus flair, the French Vanilla, the Ginger Patchouli with clove and mace, the Chocolateness with cocoa and brown sugar, and 3 kinds of Cinnamon with floral infusions and vanilla and apple highlights. Root Candles have also entered the boutique fragrance market, offering reed diffusers, fragrance lamps, and their own very unique Fragranced Tassle line that features interchangeable refills in a hanging tassle that can be placed anywhere. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: