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Home-and-Family Did you know that only about 50% of the nanny agencies run background checks on there applicants and too make matters worse there are no state regulations governing nannies or baby sitters. This startling news .es from an article in the Wall Street Journal Online. If you do hire nannies then this only strengthens your reason for running a nanny background check on every employee in their household that .e into contact with their children. For your children’s sake, you need to know whether or not an applicant has a criminal record or has something in their background that can of serious concern. After all is said and done it’s your responsibility to throughly evaluate and check out the applicant to be your child’s caregiver. While there is a wealth of advise on how to go about doing the cumbersome background checks on your own, many times people find the process tedious with a lot of hoops they have to jump through. To begin a background check, you will need to ensure that the applicants have provided you with some necessary information. This information includes, date of birth, social security number, driver’s license number, list of addresses for the past few years and authorization allowing you to run a background check on her. It is important for you to attain a pre-signed employment background screening authorization. In order to be in .pliance with the law the United States Fair Credit Report Act Say’s that you must first get the applicants permission before running that check. Be sure and get your applicant names, addresses and phone numbers of there relatives besides the information and contact numbers of training centers or schools they attended. Require your applicants to provide you with at least three verifiable personal references, generally those not related, and three references from former employers. Using this information, you can verify the truth of key points in their application. Call relatives and former employees to do a thorough character check. Contact each one of them and feel free to ask questions like "why did she leave her previous job?", "how well did she perform?", "how long was she employed?"and" what is there that I should understand concerning this applicant?" This should also help you confirm your initial impressions based on the interview you have conducted. The main purpose of checking references is to verify the information given to you by the applicants. The problem is going from site to site to get all the information you need to give due diligence to your nanny applicant can be a time consuming and daunting job, especially to parents who have a busy time schedule. Thankfully, there are background checking and investigation services that you can use to check on your applicants. Background checking services know the ins and outs of background screening. Because of this they will give you the most .prehensive report available. The downside of traditional background checking services is that they tend to deliver results in a few working days or even weeks. The great part is if you need the information "Now" you can have it in a matter of seconds; Your result will be in hand in about 10 seconds. In this age of public information, getting .plete information, like drug tests, .plete criminal background records especially those involving children as well as other necessary information can be gotten online by those willing to preform due diligence. The best thing you can do when hiring a nanny for your children is to use due diligence and check and double check. Remember, the nanny you choose will be the one who will care for your child. Let us do the background digging for you, so you know that the nanny you choose is qualified in every way to take care of your precious jewels. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: