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Scientific knowledge "the lower figure" ordinary "guozuying" – Beijing, Beijing, September 24 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Su) a total of 9400, a number of popular science activities to attract more than 200 million public participation, the 2016 national science popularization day "report card" impressive, participate in the activities of ordinary people during the foot science of addiction". National Science Day began in 2004, the third weekend of September each year will be held around. 2016 national science popularization day continued from 17 to 23, during this period, the "tall" scientific knowledge "slim down". China Association for science and Technology Vice Minister Qian Yan said the Ministry of science, National Science Day activities in various forms, rich in content, especially online and offline interaction, the public enthusiasm is high, "to promote the formation of science, love science, science, social science is still a good wind, improve people’s scientific quality to have an important role in promoting". The National Science Day Beijing home court activities set up more than 300 interactive experience, the audience can "Tiangong two" simulation cabin experience feeling in the cosmos, or in the world’s largest naked eye 3D display with dinosaurs "pictures", China laughter resounded through the science and Technology Museum for children. Li Jingmeng, a member of the building’s lunar base, said the lunar base machine was designed by teenagers. "We found that the students are particularly interesting in its & h& JJ idea." Li Jingmeng said excitedly, students based on these ideas, making a blueprint of the virtual reality, after repeated discussion of the formation of the exhibits. According to statistics, the National Science Day held 12 years, China has a basic public scientific literacy of the public ratio increased from 3% to 5.6%, the Beijing Tianjin Shanghai region took the lead to reach 10%. Science China ambassador, National Observatory China Academy of Sciences Associate Professor Zheng Yongchun said, in recent years, the government pays more attention to the work of science, all science day activities more diverse, more intense atmosphere, virtual reality, augmented reality technology, artificial intelligence has become an important means and hot science activities, played a very good effect. This "technology" wind blows to the ravine. 23, the national "science cultural home" and the eighteenth session of the annual meeting of the association of China science activities into the old revolutionary base areas, including science, science caravan V nearly 100 key activities into the Yanan community, farm and campus. Chinese science and Technology Association party secretary Shang Yong said, drive the development of the Huimin action this event is revolutionary innovation power. In order to solve the problem of science communication "last mile" problem, improve the level of primary science services, China association to carry out science China e station construction, build science information service application of landing a new position. Reporters learned that, according to the actual needs of Yanan Association for science and technology, China experts on animal husbandry, fruit and vegetable planting, rural e-commerce etc. for peasant classes, also invited the famous teachers in Shanghai set up remote classroom for students in Yanan. (end)相关的主题文章: