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Writing-and-Speaking Is your web content attractive to readers? Does your traffic report tell you that most visitors don’t usually stay longer in your website? We understand you have to compete with other websites in the information superhighway, so in order to get noticed, make sure your website shows off effective web content writing with these 5 tips: 1. Grab your reader’s attention by the title. Readers want to know what they’re reading about from the second they lay their eyes on the page. Majority of readers do not have the time to read the entire article, so capture their attention with a great title. "5 ways to eat cake" is more catchy and direct than "Cake and all its many facets". For your web content to be effective, make sure that your title provides a glimpse of what the entire content is all about. Once you hook them in with your catchy, creative title, you can trust that your content will be read. 2. Put conclusions at the beginning. Think of an inverted pyramid when you write. Get to the point in the first paragraph, then develop it. This is because people scan only at first – they want to know what your content is all about through the first few lines and then they’ll decide if they will stay and read on. Like a good title, you need a great opening to get the interest of your readers and keep their attention. 3. Break It Up and List it down. For effective web content writing, always, always consider your audience’s attention span. Most people would get into a page looking for something specific and do not usually have the time to pore through a LOT of content. So here’s the gist: a. Write only one idea per paragraph. b. Use shorter sentences, words and paragraphs to show your point. c. Make sure you have an organized list to make your point more understandable. To make your thoughts easily scanned and read, create a lists. Keep your lists short so they can be remembered easily. 4. Be content- relevant. Use objective language to build credibility, and don’t use too many metaphors, especially ones which do not have relevance to your article. Writing in superfluous words can give your article a frivolity that can undermine your thoughts. Use the right words to communicate and describe your thoughts. When you’re selling a product or service, consider your audience when you write – are they business owner, working moms, teachers, coaches? Be straight-forward and clear with your content, and make sure that it is relevant to them, not just to you. When writing — be aggressive, direct and if possible, authoritative. 5. Proofread your work. Don’t forget, effective web content writing may need not be too formal, but it still needs to observe proper grammar and sentence structures! Bad grammar, spelling errors and typos will turn readers off. Make sure to check for errors or any corrections before posting it online. If your readers are really interested in your product or service, they will take time to read your content – therefore make sure you don’t turn them off by being careless! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: