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Movies-TV Inspirational stories and tales of survival often touch hearts and Soundtrack is one such story that will make you believe in the power of ‘will’ and ‘self-belief.’ An official remake of the award-winning cult Canadian film, It’s All Gone Pete Tong, Soundtrack traces thelife-journey of a musician who relearns the art of weaving music after he loses his ‘hearing power’ forever.Debutantedirector Nirav Ghosh tells the story of Raunak Kaul [Rajeev Khandelwal], in a docu-drama style using footage of real life technicians like DJ Aqeel, Annu Malik, RJ Malishka and director Anurag Kashyap to give an autobiographical touch to the otherwise dramatic story, which appears quiteinteresting. Nirav’s protagonist Raunak Kaul is a gifted musician, who .es to Mumbai to make it big. Hisintroductionscenebeautifullycaptures Raunak’s passion forrhythm and beats. With right things happening at the right time and help of his uncle [Yatin Karyekar] Raunak lands up as a DJ at Tango Charlie club, owned by Charlie [Mohan Kapoor]. Soon the glitzy-glam world of power, fame and success entices Raunak into themurkof booze, drug and sex. When a high on life Raunak is about to touch the pinnacle of success, career-killing hearing impairment knocks at his door. Thus, triggering off his downfall. His friends turn into foes andopportunities that once bee-lined take a U-turn and Raunak is left alone to fight his state.Clouds of frustration anddesperationto bounce back engulfs him. Only thing that sticks to him now is his own devil -symbolizedby Jhonny Joker. He kills this devil by quitting his addictions and gathers himself to start a new journey, leaving behind his life of excess. Now he meets bubbly Gauri [Soha Ali Khan], who teaches him lip-reading. No prizes for guessing that love blooms between the two and how he rises back from his own ashes like a Phoenix with the help of Gauri forms the rest of the story. Soundtrack belongs to Rajiv Khandelwal, who proves his finesse and actingprowessyet again in yet another offbeat film after Aamir and Shaitan. He is quite convincing as a wild man seduced by vices. But at the same time you adore his changed self nonetheless. Soha Ali Khan has done her homework really well. Without going overboard, she plays the character of a lisping deaf girl with ease andelan. Manu Rishi’s character could have developed more. Their soft yet hotchemistry .es to fore as a refreshing breeze as .pared to Raunak’s sex-addiction in the first half. Mohan Kapoor is fine and Anurag’s cameo suggests that he can act well if given a chance. Though, Soundtrack remains faithful to its inspiration but director Nirav has tried really hard to bring the quintessentialIndian drama, especially in depicting thenight life of Mumbai and Goa that’s glamourised by sex and booze. But why do they shoot it in Pattaya, is something that bogs you down. However, director’s up-close-and personal treatment of alcohol, sex, smoking and drugs looks stuffed at some points during the first half. Though the over all flow of events and narrative is swift but youmiss details at some points, while at others there’s annecessary focus. For instance, the scene where a deaf Raunak learns the nuances of music once again is an important scene which is not given ample attention and lacks depth, whereas the track of Joker, which could be easily chopped off is given plenty of screen space. The camerawork is good and dialogues towards the second half leave an impact. But with a fine star cast and a directreference material in two director could have done a better job. Last but not the least, a movie that’s rooted in music definitely offers good soundtracks by Medievial Punditz. All in all, a meaningful, enriching and inspiring story that’s well enacted too, Soundtrack makes a definite must-watch! Rating: 3/5 Directed by: Nirav Ghosh Starring: Rajeev Khandelwal, Soha Ali Khan About the Author: 相关的主题文章: