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Cancer When it comes to the many ways in which people can monitor their health and take advantage of the resources available to them, it helps to have information about and access to one’s options. Many people don’t have access to all the newest health information available, which makes it harder to know what the best route for them may be. One obvious example of this is the means through which women can monitor their breast health. While most women know that self exams, doctor exams, and mammography past age 40 are the most commonly taught and utilized techniques to detect breast cancer, however many do not know that there other other means of monitoring breast health, such as thermography. Breast thermography is a powerful tool in monitoring one’s health. Thermal imaging can detect changes in breast tissue sooner than any other available modality. These changes can then be watched carefully to see if and how it develops. Obviously breast cancer is the biggest concern for most women as it is the most life threatening. However, not only is every growth or tumor not cancerous, but there are grows other than tumors, such as cysts, that may develop in the breast- however most cysts are not life threatening, they may feel or look similar in some tests. Each of these growths, however, will follow a similar course of action in the body, meaning that in the earliest stages blood flood to an area is increased, it isn’t possible to tell what the final outcome will be, however with thermography doctors are able to detect these changes and monitor them before anything develops, allowing for very early detection of a life threatening problem. A visit to a thermography center as part of one’s annual health exams is generally a great way for women to keep track of any changes in the breast and if these changes develop into something that can be viewed with other technology, it will be used at the appropriate time. Thermography does not eliminate the need for mammography, since mammograms are the most common way to verify a diagnosis if something is found in your annual thermography scan. While it might seem like such early detection, before any diagnosis can be made, is a little bit preemptive or unnecessary since it may not become cancerous, however there is also the reality that for many people this is their wake-up call to the ways their lifestyle is damaging their overall health. A smoker knows the risks to their respiratory health, but they might not realize that smoking has also been tied to breast cancer. Likewise, a person with high stress levels might know it’s not good for them to be so over-stressed and yet they have not found the necessary motivation or tools to get rid of some of that stress. There are lots of examples like these ways in which people’s lives could be made healthier. However, when your doctor can show you an area that shows cause for concern, the dangers are no longer just risk percentages- in means that you are now high risk, making it real enough to encourage and inspire the right changes. Sometimes, a little external motivation is all it takes a person in order for them to start taking care of themselves in a more comprehensive fashion. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: