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Adventure Tencent acquisition of NetEase market value soared to $30 billion by Beijing time on September 12, 2016, the NetEase (NTES) shares rose 7.93% to close at $230.07, a record high, at the same time, the market value exceeded $30 billion, $30 billion 422 million. In addition to traditional business, NetEase has strong growth in advertising and gaming business. According to Q2 earnings report, online game service business quarter net income reached 6 billion 438 million yuan ($969 million), an increase of 76%. Advertising services net income of 531 million yuan ($79 million 920 thousand), an increase of 24%. In addition to the realization of stable "dream swims on the west", "Westward Journey" and other Mobile Games, at the end of the tour, NetEase agent Blizzard’s "watch" also won the game player love pioneer. Recently, the hit TV series "smiled very little" NetEase "ghost story" series of linkage is very successful, "smiled very little" Youku whole network independent broadcast playing a total amount of up to 10 billion, the highest peak of Baidu index exceeded 2 million. The two sides linkage to attract a large number of users into the game, as of today 15:41, in the App Store bestseller, "a Chinese ghost story" Mobile Games won the third best-selling position. "Dream swims on the west" and the "Westward Journey" Mobile Games Mobile Games were ranked first and fourth place. In addition, on-line in September 2nd, "Yin and Yang division" is loved by the majority of players. Minute symbols and voice call SSR, "Dad, a version of SR it has been crazy game player. As of today, 15:41 points, in the App Store bestseller list, the Yin and Yang hand tour ranked seventh in the best-selling list of App Store. And today’s "Datang unparalleled" and No. 16 will be on the line App Store "dance group" won the game player expectations. At the same time, the NetEase also took the movie "Terminator 2" IP and "my world" national service agency, the two works also not to come out, look forward to it. In addition, the NetEase NetEase in VR, AR and other emerging technologies also have a large investment, the NetEase has become the only game the first Google mobile VR platform "Daydream" on the selected, game makers in May, VR game "the vanguard" will be listed simultaneously in 2016 November with the Google Daydream platform. Less than 1 billion of the time, NetEase’s market value soared to $30 billion. Compared to after Tencent acquired Supercell, Supercell’s performance was not very close. "The Royal war" the income of continuous decline, "tribal conflict" also began a large area. After the update to see what changes? As of press time, the top 10 best-selling Mobile Games in two is a "king of glory" and a Westhouse R & D "JX" were ranked second and fifth. Should be a: investment need to be cautious! (source: 3DM) Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass.相关的主题文章: