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UnCategorized Imagine if you could discover the secrets of getting your toddler to do what you want. The end of bribery, tantrums, screaming and crying. If you have ever lived with a toddler, this may seem only a dream. But it really doesnt have to be. It is amazing that when it .es to parenting, or using techniques to get what you want from your toddler, we often think it should .e naturally. Parenting is a learned skill, just as we learn other skills. With instruction, practice and repetition, it is something we can learn, improve and create a large skill base. These skills can also be used in varying forms all through parenting. In the same way we use different skills on a daily basis that we have built up over time, so too can parenting skills be adapted and changed to suit different age groups. When it .es right down to it, who wants to put their hand up and say, No, I am not really good in the parenting department with my toddler. We may be confident to say this to family or even close friends, but it is often not something shared publically. This I feel is very sad, because useful parenting skills can be learned, it is not necessarily a natural or inbuilt process for many people. Believe it or not the .monly called terrible twos, is actually quite normal behaviour. It is in fact a normal part of healthy development, self development and expression. It is the management of this stage that can be the difference between a war zone and a peaceful happy lifestyle. By understanding different techniques and applying them, you can build up your skill base and have your toddler do what you want. The best part is these skills can be kept as a foundation for you to develop other parenting skills as your child grows. There are strategies to deal with behaviours such as defiance, resistance and tantrums. The key is having the knowledge and skills set to be able to move the child through this stage of development. Remember your toddler is exploring and learning about the world and tantrums are way for them to push the boundaries and express their frustrations. Invest in your parenting skill development, as you would in other areas of your life and it will in turn assist your childs development. Remember the terrible 2s is not a burden but a celebration of flourishing independence, mental development and most importantly an opportunity for parents to learn skills to keep for life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: