The 8 leap in your baby’s intelligence, did you catch it Sohu –

The 8 leap in your baby’s intelligence, did you catch it? Sohu mother and child you made it? Your little baby in less than a year will experience the 8 leap of intelligence development! You control your baby now, look at it from the 8 leap first leap before the age of 1 baby intelligence: about 5 weeks after birth the baby’s eyes, ears, mouth, nose, skin and other sensory organs are in rapid development. The baby can not only listen to the voice of the mother, the difference between different people’s tone, but also understand the voice and intonation of the expression of evil. The second leap: about 8 weeks after birth, the baby will find how the world around is not the same? Change, or by the various activities of the things, is really dazzling, scary ah ~ third leap: about 3 months after the baby found in the "action" and "process" of these magical things, their actions also changed to become flexible and inflexible, start to learn they control their behavior ~ fourth leap: About 5 months after birth, the baby’s hands can be more flexible, gripping and rotating objects, will watch activities of objects. If you take a balloon in front of the baby, TA’s eyes will follow the balloons run oh! The fifth leap: 6 months after birth, the baby can gradually understand the causal relationship between things! Such a big thing, this small fart child will? Do not believe you press the TV remote control to see if the baby does not know to watch tv. The sixth leap: born 7 and a half months after the baby began to understand the classification of things. For example, the bark is "dog", both big and little dogs, white dog, dog, or the dog that are installed. The seventh leap: born more than 10 months after the baby began to understand the "order", know that things have to have. When the baby loves to "do it yourself in order to do the game. To deepen the understanding and understanding of the order by doing something repeatedly. The eighth leap: more than 11 months after birth, the baby finally found that the order can also be their own will! What you want to express, although not clear. In fact, the development of children’s intelligence, there are a lot of key behind. The key period of the intellectual development of children such as: before the age of 1 is the development of language preparation, good eloquence from the cradle to cultivate ~ before the age of 2 is the key period of motor development before the age of 3 is the key period for the development of oral 3-5 years is a critical period of music and art culture of -4 at 2 weeks of age is a critical period of visual development. Light, color and motion stimulation, can promote the development of visual acuity Oh 4-5 age is a critical period of written language learning 3-6 age is a critical period of development of the ability to count 5 to 6 years is a critical period for learning words…… Good complex, the baby’s intellectual development in the end how to evaluate it? It will be based on the different stages of the child’s intellectual development characteristics of the. Intelligence of infants under 3 years of age.相关的主题文章: