The 91 year old to 30 years after the national flag blind succession (Figure) new son-in-law – in remonstrate

The 91 year old to 30 years after the national flag blind succession (Figure) – son Beijing old man stepped up to the national flag flag of Sichuan news network Deyang news October 9th with a smooth and shiny wooden crutch, plodding, arm in two Tang Hongze’s son-in-law, 91 year old Yang Yong slowly climbed to the third floor of their own, the only one — the national flag. From 1979 to the present, Yang Yongsheng has insisted for 37 years. "People who don’t want to be slaves……" This morning, in Luojiang County anzhen community home Tang Hongze fuller. As usual, once again sounded the volunteers in the tune. Tang Hongze open the phone inside the music, and then slowly turn the pulley, the five-star red flag rose to the top of the iron. One side of Yang Yongsheng on crutches with his left hand, right hand is placed on the right side, look into Junzi stand. Then the mouth is not independent with the music to sing the national anthem. After the rise of the national flag, the old man is full of wrinkles of the corners of the mouth, happy smile. It’s been thirty-seventh years since he raised the national flag. The five-star red flag in the wind, very conspicuous in this village, far can see their home. This year has been 91 year old Yang Yongsheng, who had been in the army, because of injuries during the war, he returned home to recuperate. After the injury, and participated in more than a year of bandits, later in the work of the public security bureau. In 1962, he became Secretary of the village after retirement. In 1979, Yang Yongsheng began to raise the national flag in his family, has been insisting to now. Now, he has been blind for more than 10 years, ears and some back. However, raising the national flag is still something he can’t forget. He said he was an old Party member, to go with the party forever. Yang Yongsheng raised the flag of the elderly from October 1st to second every year in the first month of the year fifteen. Raise the flag in the morning, the evening will be the national flag. And the rest of the time, the flag is hanging out. "Before using the bamboo, only for the hardcore of this year." Tang Hongze, from the beginning up to now has been used for more than 20 of bamboo, for more than 20 of the five-star red flag. Because the old man is old, his eyes can not see. Now, by his son Tang Hongze to take over the national flag, once the holidays, the elderly will be upstairs in, especially when the national day.相关的主题文章: