The Big Leap- Video

Internet-Marketing Marketing has been around for quite some time and it has taken new shape with the advent of technology and media. Avenues like direct marketing, Audio Marketing, Video Marketing, Print Media, Viral Marketing have been making rounds in the news as they have been impacting the world of advertisement. No prizes for guessing, Video Marketing had shaken the lives of millions and billions of people around by grabbing the attention of people in promoting the product or reaching out to the customers. Video Marketing takes different forms including Television Promos, Advertisement on Screens, Internet Promotions etc. One would find google videos, yahoo videos, you tube, rediff etc as different examples of Video Marketing apart from the promos in the Idiot box. One particular source that deserves a mention here is Youtube which has been a sensation of sorts as it has taken the media by storm. Thousand and Millions of people have thronged and adding to this list to make it the most spectacular and interesting media to visit. That said, you tube has metamorphosized the definition of marketing by getting the netizens to propagate the merits of the product or services. It would not be a hyperbole if one claims that the information is now being considered with the introduction of powerful sources like youtube where in one could take the processed or unprocessed information from one end of the globe to the other. Apart from you tube there are other video marketing sources like billboards advertising, televisions have also been hogging the lime light in developing countries like India, China, Brazil etc. The Marketing Agencies have been shifting the focus from the traditional Marketing avenues like print and radio to the video as a result of which the share of the marketing revenues has been drifting. In the .ing days where technology is a major influencer in buying, Video Marketing is going to be a major factor in this ever changing game strategy in getting the customer ‘IN’ or getting yourself ‘OUT’ About the Author: 相关的主题文章: