The expert system of traditional China UAV development models to catch up with the United States &nb w-inds.

Expert: China UAV system development of traditional   some models to catch up with the United States   – Military – "rainbow -5" male UAV flight test. Beijing on 29 October, (Qiu Yue) the eleventh session of China international aviation and Aerospace Exhibition (2016 Chinese airshow) will be held in Zhuhai from November 1st to 6. The show, by China Aerospace Science and Technology Group developed the "Rainbow" UAV lineup of the powerful, rich as the previous exhibitions exhibits the AVIC developed "pterosaur" series of UAVs will once again debut. A military expert said in an interview with the people’s daily, China UAV system in terms of systematic development of increasingly improved. Experts pointed out that in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles, whether it is R & D capabilities, pedigree development, or the level of equipment, the United States is the world’s first. However, the current situation of the development of China’s UAV gratifying, constantly improve the level of technology, is struggling to catch up with the world’s most advanced level. Today, Chinese not only has the "Rainbow" and "pterosaur" that are exported to overseas star UAV, also developed the "rainbow -5" heavy UAV such loads up to 1000 kg, but also in the solar UAV and VTOL fixed wing UAV havecontributed etc.. China UAV system in the systematic development of increasingly perfect." Experts say. In the current public domestic model of UAV, the "rainbow -5" male UAV with a wingspan of 21 meters, weighing 3.3 tons, maximum takeoff weight of up to 40 hours of battery life and a maximum range of 6500 kilometers, a Chinese domestic advanced UAV representative. The aircraft has better performance than the u.s.. Experts said that the "rainbow -5" UAV launch significance should not be underestimated, its load of 1000 kilograms, the amount of oil type of UAV and payload are greatly enhanced, if used for reconnaissance and surveillance, the coverage will be unique, as if the attack UAV, strike force is closer to one fighter. This also means that China’s UAV development has made a major breakthrough, some models have caught up with the United States, in the near future will certainly be able to catch up with the world’s most advanced level. According to media reports, the U.S. is currently developing SR-72 "critical Eagle" new strategic unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, the flight speed of up to 6 Maher, can intercept the speed easily surpass most modern conventional air defense missiles and aircraft, complete 1 hours of global strike. Experts believe that the increase in flight altitude and speed is an important aspect of future UAV development. In addition, with more rigorous security function and self destruction function, intelligent formation flying, and installing engine power, is an important direction of human development. (commissioning editor: Yuan Bo and Huang Zijuan)相关的主题文章: