The Internet to promote public donations after the transparency of the 90 become a fingertip charity dachiyouxiang

The Internet to promote public welfare donation has gradually become the "public transparency 90 fingertips" protagonist – Beijing "China Economic Weekly" reporter in Shanghai reported 3 days | labor Jiadi, more than 3 thousand projects, 300 million yuan, this group from the Tencent public platform recently released almost Huobian the entire Internet public circle. My wife used to circle difficult to "wind" in terms of capital that describe this "fingertip Charity Carnival, only 3 years ago, the wind dance" pig "is just a small niche game, many public institutions involved have suffered the donation of dollars cold taste. Compared with 2015, this year’s "99 day" 3 days submit transcripts showed a rapid growth pattern, from last year 2 million 50 thousand people, 127 million 900 thousand yuan of donations and donations to the development of the number of 6 million 770 thousand passengers this year, 305 million yuan. Tip of the public interest in increasing energy intensive exciting, however, the recent network of fake charity scam also reflects the shadow of the sun. According to the "China Economic Weekly", Tencent, Alibaba and other super flow entrance brings the explosion of data at the same time, the Internet is also in the reconstruction of the ancient cause has been criticized for the public order, the industry’s first transparent mechanism in promoting the project publicity. 90 to become public hero, 00 in the United States and other developed countries is striking difference is that the main force Chinese donation has been by enterprises to play a leading role, the open nature of the Internet is rewriting the ecological. "72 hours to 3 days, the children would kindly" corps’ 179 projects a total of 89 million 700 thousand yuan fund-raising, including self and donate, project only to big plate 5%, donations reached 13%, but the most let us surprise is not the capital breakthrough, but the donor’s range is greatly expanded, more than 1 million 320 thousand a helping hand." Jiang Ying, Deputy Secretary General of the China children’s charity relief fund, said in an interview with China economic weekly. The shares of the main army, 85 has become a new force. "We are the main internal monitoring to donation after 85 people, so the real way prime time is 8 points to 10 in the evening, it is with these people the rest." Zhu Qiuxia, Deputy Secretary General of Shanghai true love dream foundation told reporters, from the gender composition, the number of female donors up to 4 times the number of men. Tencent announced big data is displayed, not only to become the main contributions after 90, and even no independent source of 00 after the rise of the secret. Reporters noted that 19 to 27 years of age 90 donors accounted for nearly 40%, the highest contribution; 80 on behalf of 28 to 36 years of age accounted for slightly more than 20%; and 10 to 18 years of age after the 00 donors had more than 80, accounted for nearly 27%, as a new force. Dean of Beijing Normal University Institute of public welfare China Wang Zhenyao on "China Economic Weekly" said that after the 2008 earthquake in Wenchuan, the public power of the younger generation has been surging. "Major disaster relief event actually sketched out a Chinese public development context, the 1998 flood when the Internet is not developed;.相关的主题文章: