The Iphone Phenomenon A Brief Market Scenario-mentalist

.puters-and-Technology iPhone is one of those technological inventions that have made controversy for its maiden name. With the changing scenario of the smart phone market Samsung is offering high end mobile software and apps than iPhone; atleast that is what the current debate suggests. Apple is also very concern about their software and new look. With the launch of iOS 7 around the corner iPhone is again trying to grab the lost ground. Whatever the debates are, the users and the marketers are little affected by this technical .petition of rival .panies as iPhone is still number one when it .es to apps. With more than 7 million apps in its store Apple is a great platform to reach the market. Quite understandably, various .panies and brands are in a rat race to produce the best app that can help conquer the specific consumers. For this reason iPhone software development has be.e very important. More than 90% of iPhone runs on iOS 5 and iOS 6; so the thorough knowledge of iOS is very much needed while developing an iPhone app. If we discuss only the iphone market then we will be underestimating another operating software which holds a lion’s share in smart phone market and that is android. Android has, over the years, introduced various versions of software like Eclaire, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honey .b, Ice-cream Sandwitch and Jelly Bean. With every instalment it has upgraded its software. So if any .pany is trying to enter the android app market by creating their own app then they need to hire android app developer for that job. The clear understanding of all the aspects like what kind of apps get in to the most downloaded list, what are the guidelines that should be maintained while submitting it, are must be considered with good care; and only an professional can provide the best. There are various .panies who provide mobile application development services. But before engaging a development .pany to develop an app one must consider certain things. The first and foremost is to check the history; look for the apps that the .pany has developed. Once it is done then one should make sure that what kind of app they will be developing for the respective .pany. The mobile application development .panies always recruit the best and most creative of minds. Because this is the time of applications and a highly skilled and creative developer is the biggest asset that a .pany can have. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: