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The pebble beach horse won the ball with Taylor on equipment breaking champion Taylor broke the eleven year title drought drought sina sports news Beijing on February 15th news. The pebble beach tournament match falling, ranked 447th in the world of American golfer Vaughan Taylor (Vaughn Taylor) on the final round of the lowest in the whole 65 bar (-7), total score of -17 1 bar beat 54 hole leader star Phil – Mikel Sen, won the third seat occupation career PGA Championship, which is after the first summit in eleven years. Related reading: 2016 wooden Championship Tour: the United States and Europe won the DRIVER Championship: inventory 2016 push the PGA European Tour title push inventory to see the big black horse to break the eleventh year Title Drought ball equipment, it is interesting, "Tyler" bag, also is the basic "Taylormade" equipment 1: No. R11S: TaylorMade wood (9 degrees, Oban Kiyoshi White S shaft) No. 3: TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 Tour wood (14.5, Aldila Tour Blue 85X shaft) No. 5: TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 Tour wood (18.5, Aldila Tour Blue 85X shaft irons (3-9): TaylorMade) Tour Preferred MB’14 (True Temper Dynamic Gold AMT X100 shaft) wedges: Cleveland RTX 2.0 Custom (48 54 60 True Temper Dynamic Gold, Tour Is Sue S400): push rod body with Odyssey Versa #9 Black 90 ball game: Titleist Pro V1x users to capture Taylor bag is worth mentioning is that the users to capture the pictures show, the dark horse tour even without an occupation player custom golf bag, took the crown before the situation is too shabby some…… Related reading: who is Taylor? Dark horse 11 years ago still won the PGA Tour bitter Road South America (New) infusion

揭秘圆石滩黑马夺冠球具装备 泰勒用泰勒梅破冠军荒 泰勒打破十一年冠军荒   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月15日消息。圆石滩配对赛落下战幕,世界排名第447位的美国球手沃恩-泰勒(Vaughn Taylor)依靠决赛轮全场最低的65杆(-7),总成绩-17,1杆优势力压54洞领先者名将菲尔-米克尔森,夺得职业生涯第三座美巡赛冠军,这也是其时隔十一年来首次登顶。   相关阅读:2016一号木冠军榜:美欧巡夺冠DRIVER盘点   2016推杆冠军榜:美巡欧巡夺冠推杆盘点   来看看这位大黑马打破十一年冠军荒的球具装备,有意思的是,“泰勒”的球包里,也基本都是“泰勒梅”的装备:   1号木:   TaylorMade R11S (9度,Oban Kiyoshi White S杆身)   3号木:   TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 Tour (14.5度,Aldila Tour Blue 85X杆身)   5号木:   TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 Tour (18.5度,Aldila Tour Blue 85X杆身)   铁杆(3-9):   TaylorMade Tour Preferred MB ’14 (True Temper Dynamic Gold AMT X100杆身)   挖起杆:   Cleveland RTX 2.0 Custom (48 54 60度,True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400杆身)   推杆:   Odyssey Versa #9 Black 90   比赛用球:   Titleist Pro V1x 网友抓拍的泰勒球包   值得一提的是,网友抓拍的图片显示,这位美巡赛黑马甚至没有一个职业球员定制款的高尔夫球包,夺冠前的境遇,也太寒酸了一些……   相关阅读:谁是泰勒?黑马11年美巡辛酸路 夺冠前还在南美输液   (新体)相关的主题文章: