The President Park Geun hye push renewable or new net transfer of corruption in sight – cronies mentalist

"The president can push the park." or transfer cronies corruption sight – Beijing [Global Times correspondent in South Korea has welcomed] according to Yonhap news agency reported on 24, South Korean President Park Geun hye in Parliament the same day of the "2017 annual budget policy speech" announced plans to promote the revision of the constitution. In particular, she stressed that the current constitution, which was amended in 1987, provides that the president’s term of office is 5 years in a single system. Data figure Yonhap said, the 2012 presidential election, Pu Jinhui was put forward during the campaign aimed at the presidential term to 4 years for re-election as president, but she has to be a pressing matter of the moment to invigorate the economy "" constitution is like a huge black hole, all the attention and attract the attention of the past. This situation is not conducive to boost the economy as the reason for the amendment agenda push again. However, park Geun hye 24, suddenly announced that the constitutional amendment, and that to complete the Constitution during his term of office will establish a special constitutional mechanism, proposed a constitutional amendment. "Korea Daily" said 24, the Korean economy has not improved, but the park at this time but changed his attitude, proposed constitutional amendment, can not help but suspect that she is trying to transfer and desalination of corruption scandal involving his cronies through constitutional issues, and restore the declining support rate. Niuxi Si news agency said 24, park Geun hye from retiring there for 16 months, from the next presidential election only 14 months, she suddenly took out the card, the equivalent of throwing heavy bomb to the next presidential election a territory to the South Korean politics. Because, for to the next presidential election candidate, at the same time to deal with the "presidential election" and "constitution" the two problems, it is necessary to make a re enactment of the election strategy. Park Geun hye proposed constitutional amendment proposals, South Korean politicians have different reactions. The common former Democratic Representative Wen zaiyin 24, park Geun hye criticized "this for constitutional transfer of corrupt cronies sight, is extremely irresponsible political activities." But the ruling New National Party members of the party, former representative Kim moo star is behind the park. Korea "Daily" said 24 days, according to the current situation, if Congress does not submit the amendment, Pu Jinhui will personally initiated constitutional amendment proposals. However, even if the amendment was submitted successfully, whether the constitution is still unknown.相关的主题文章: