The Right Treatment For Spine

Health Spinal problems have be.e quite .mon these days. The current lifestyle and hiccups in our day to day life to a great extent are responsible for back and neck pain. One if five people have been suffering from the neck and back pain. It was not too long that the sole treatment available for problems related to disc was Spinal Fusion Surgery. In this surgery, metal plates, screws and bone grafts are used for fusing or attaching more than two vertebrae in the area of the neck, spine and cervical. This surgery has helped many people in getting respite from back pain however it has limited movement and motion. Spine Surgeons Atlanta has helped many patients in getting rid of this problem. Thanks to the modern technology that there has an alternative to the spinal fusion surgery. Cervical Herniated discs can now be easily replaced by Artificial Disc Replacement, popularly known as ADR. In the recent years, many patients have opted for this surgery and there has been a positive result. Patients have observed inhibit range of movement. Those who have undergone this surgery will easily regain flexibility as well as normal movement all through the cervical area of spine. ADR is performed by making a slit in the front of the neck and during the procedure damaged or herniated disc is removed and replaced with the artificial one. The artificial disc is made up of stainless steel or titanium. This new disc lets you get back to normal routine allowing normal movement in the cervical and back area of the spine. It has not been a long time that Food and Drug Administration gave an approval for ADR. It was in the year 2007 that the surgery was performed for the first time. Spine Surgeons Atlanta prefers this surgery in .parison to spinal fusion surgery. They take into consideration various others factors such as whether or not patient is allergic to stainless steel or titanium. ADR is a surgical procedure that lasts for one o two hours. The patient who has undergone the surgery has to remain in the hospital for post operative care for a week or so. As observed in majority of the cases, orthopaedic surgeons re.mend ADR only when patients fail to get relief from other non-invasive methods for curing back pain. Like any other surgical process, there are risks associated with it too. However, it is lessening of pain and long lasting relief that outweighs the preliminary peril. There is follow up care those patients who have undergone ADR needs. It might include certain investigations such as X-rays to find out the correct positioning of the newly replaced discs. These new discs can last for ten to fifteen years just like any other knee and hip replacement. Orthopaedic surgeons will also prescribe physical therapy in the week followed by Artificial Disc Replacement. ADR has be.e the most sought-after options for treating the severe problems pertaining to spine. Many patients suffering from severe back pain who have undergone the surgery have resumed to active, productive and pain-free life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: