The True Value Of Employee Time

Business Lets test your US currency acumen. Whose face appears on the one dollar bill? Thats easy. Yes, our first president, George Washington. And how many times have you seen the two dollar bill with Thomas Jeffersons profile? How about a five? Easy, peasy. Abe Lincoln, of course. And a ten? Heres a clue: he wasnt a president. Alexander Hamilton. A twenty has who? Right, Andrew Jackson. Now your memory may start to get spotty. Who graces a fifty dollar bill? Ulysses S Grant (The S stands for Simpson, btw.) And another non-president, but an early American favorite, can be found on the hundred: Benjamin Franklin. I bet I lose most of you from here on in. The 500? He shares the name of Americas tallest peak: William McKinley. And the 1000 dollar bill? Grover Cleveland (He shares the name with a famous Sesame Street Character!). Does anyone know whos on the $5000 bill? James Madison. And which non-president shows up on the $10,000? Does anyone out there know its Woodrow Wilson? And finally, a trick question: who is the unbelievably lucky person to make it onto the million dollar bill? Cant fool you. There is no million. It doesnt exist and dont let anyone tell you it does. Now let me ask you a question of a more personal nature. How many $10,000s does your .pany hope to make this year? Ill let you in on a great business secret. Employ an online employee timesheet and you stand a good chance of seeing many 10,000 dollar bills. What kind of a .e-on is this? Whats the gimmick? Whats the catch? There really isnt one. Its a rock-solid, tried and true, effective means of increasing your bottom line and watching your business survive and thrive and, most importantly, show a profit. How does it work, you ask? By utilizing employee time tracking software, which seamlessly integrates with your current system, your employees clock in and clock out in real time on a smartphone or iPhone or any cell phone. That means when an employee is ready to start work at 8, s/he clocks in at 8. Not 8:07 or 8:11. Eight. And when your employee clocks out at 5, not 4:49 or 4:55, but at five they clock out, all in a hand held, mobile device which can not only clock them in but it can also show their location when doing so AND it can provide them with a to-do list for the day as soon as they clock in. The math is easy. If you have 10 employees who fudge 15 minutes a day, either at the start or end of it, after a month, you, the employer just paid for 3000 minutes that nobody worked. In hours thats 50. In Alexander Hamilton bills per hour, thats a William McKinley you just gave up. In two months, youve kissed away Grover Cleveland and in less than a year, you missed out on a James Madison bill. Online time tracking software guarantees to minimize wasted time and wasted money. Youre probably thinking this effective system has to cost too much. Actually, for just a couple of Alexander Hamiltons or one Andrew Jackson a month, you can implement a web-based, cloud-.puting employee timesheets system into your current set up and begin the coveted process of recouping your lost profit. Time tracking apps are easy to use and the sooner you begin, the sooner you begin to reduce project and human resource costs. So dont wait around to make your first million dollar bill without using the proper tools. Be wise and economize. Go with the mobile time tracker because a penny saved is a penny earned or at least thats what the man on the $100 dollar bill told us. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: