The United States said China will not work together to respond to the Ministry of foreign affairs re widcomm

The United States said the joint efforts of the Chinese government will not work in response to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Sohu Military Channel figure for November 1, 2016, foreign ministry spokesman Hua Chunying held a regular press conference. Q: the former U.S. nuclear envoy grucci said in an interview recently, Chinese and South Korea have divergent interests in the Korean Peninsula, compared to nuclear development activities, China more worried about the border instability, with China cooperation as the core of the work mechanism of sanctions will not. What is China’s response to this? Answer: on the Korean Peninsula, to achieve the denuclearization of the peninsula and safeguard peace and stability on the peninsula is the most common interests of all parties concerned and Chinese. To this end, the Chinese side has always insisted on properly resolve the issue through dialogue and consultation, and promote the realization of the above two goals. Or that sentence, we hope all parties to assume their respective responsibilities, to promote the nuclear issue as soon as possible to return to the track of dialogue and consultation, for long period of stability should make efforts. Q: Chinese and India have held two rounds of consultations on arms control, discuss India joining the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) and other issues. Yesterday, China and India issued a statement after the second round of consultations. Can you tell us what progress has been made in this round of consultations? Does China’s position on the issue change? Answer: October 31st, director of secretary Wang Qun and the Ministry of foreign affairs of India foreign arms control disarmament and International Security Secretary Oman Depp held consultations on arms control in Beijing, the two sides NSG enlargement of common concern such as arms control constructive and substantive exchange of views. On the issue of India’s accession to the NSG, China’s position is clear and consistent. China attaches great importance to the issue of non – nuclear weapons treaty (NPT) parties to join the group. China insists on adhering to the establishment of the plenary session of the group of Seoul authorized to adhere to work through an open, transparent intergovernmental process, adhere to the "two steps" approach to deal with related issues. That is, first of all, based on the principle of justice, to explore and achieve non discriminatory, applicable to all non NPT States parties to the solution; then, on this basis, then discuss the application of specific non NPT States parties to join. We are willing to continue to stay in communication with india. Q: it is reported that China yesterday summoned the German ambassador to china. Can you prove it? What is called the reason? A: as far as I know, you are not accurate. What I can tell you is that it is a normal practice for the diplomatic departments of the two countries to maintain regular communication and seek appropriate solutions for the development of bilateral relations and possible differences. Q: Secretary General of the United Nations Special Envoy for Syria, 30, said in a statement, the Syrian opposition militants in Western Aleppo using multiple rocket attacks caused a large number of civilian deaths and hundreds of people were injured, shocking. According to Syrian media said the opposition in the use of the gas attack. What is China’s comment on this? A: China expressed serious concern. Currently, the situation in Syria, Aleppo is very grim. We urge all parties to cease hostilities and abandon military means to resolve differences through dialogue and peace talks. We also call on all parties concerned to exert their influence, to promote the implementation of the ceasefire ceasefire as soon as possible, and support the Syrian parties.相关的主题文章: