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The woman heard an owl can eat a headache to 5 – and then to buy Beijing Yongkang woman Wang perennial headache, she overheard a recipe, said the owl can eat a headache, so he decided to buy a few to try…… Wang first found Shimou, a stall understanding Wang Shimou is fair, the other side often go to the mountain hare catch some wild animals like to sell, Wang heard that want to buy a few owl to eat, Shimou also immediately agreed. A few days later, Shi went to the mountains caught two small owls. However, after the king to see the owl, but the two owls too small body size, asked whether there is a larger point of the owl. Shimou somewhat embarrassed, think before his cousin Shi Moumou also caught 3 owl, then 3 owl photos show Wang Moumou arrested, Wang to see that after 5, the owl is almost enough, and then Shimou brothers about the time and place for the transaction. The next day, when three people were traded, met in Yongkang City Public Security Bureau police station Gushan police interrogation, 3 people panic, Shi Moumou ran, Wang Shimou and was brought back to the police station. Identified by the police, the 3 men are ready to trade the owl are all carved, belonging to the national level two protected animals. Currently, Wang, Shimou suspicion of illegal acquisition, transportation, sale of rare and endangered wild animals were taken criminal coercive measures by the police, the implementation of the Internet was chased. 5 live carving and then sent to the Jinhua city land wildlife rescue center, experts also said that the owl treatment of headache is no scientific basis. Newspaper correspondent Chen Jie newspaper reporter Fu Yingjie Qian Yinglu相关的主题文章: