The world of friends to join Alashan three days and nights of desert style experience — Trav e2140

The world of friends to join Alashan   three days and nights of desert style experience — the travel channel great in strength and impetus the roar of the engines, cars, thousands, hundreds of thousands of spectators gathered in the Tengger Desert, the day before, three days and nights to celebrate a top car off-road event — the "2016 cross-country e eleventh Alashan heroes. The activities held in the Tengger desert desert dream cross-country e theme park from Mongolia, China Federation of automobile sports, Malaysia RFC international tournament, the United States KOH rainforest quake, South Africa rally Association, China automobile and motorcycle sports federation about 200000 riders, and from 34 provinces and the United States, Canada and other places more than 20 a country’s international friends, the more than 1 thousand and 300 car, hit the hero will be held eleven sessions since the. During the event, all kinds of rich and colorful activities, not only has the T3 desert challenge, Tengger Desert challenge, rock challenge, Thor’s hammer China game and China rally super short track race cross-country race, the desert car carnival with a comprehensive upgrade, but also increased the international air show exhibition, Tengger International Music Festival the legend of heroes, Asia finals, Alashan International Festival series of activities such as delicacy, bring new with international range of children’s enjoyment for tourists. Especially a large brass Hot pot become super luxury Shabu now heroes will be the largest, mutton prairie authentic, fresh and delicious vegetables, both delicious and rich, so that the presence of tourists from the flavor. This year, the hero will, in terms of specialization, internationalization, entertainment activities to create the domestic high class car racing activities, events on behalf of the United States the highest level of Thor’s hammer and SST debut, in promoting cross-country e planet racing, represents the highest level of China large cross-country forces in Alashan, but also next year. Will usher in a rally in Dakar China station. Alashan heroes will be a grand event for Chinese tourists, is a grand experience of domestic and foreign tourists to experience the great depth of the desert, infinite charm. After eleven years of development, especially in the Tengger Desert successfully held six consecutive, hero has become a domestic and international influence of mega events. Since this year, Alashan League Committee, the administrative office of tourism development with new trends and new features, put forward the strategic goal to create an international tourist destination, according to the construction of national comprehensive tourism demonstration area, based on summarizing the previous experience of the hero, to start the construction of the new Alashan hero site — Alashan desert dream car aviation theme park, completed the construction planning and design of major infrastructure Park in a relatively short period of time, the park has begun to take shape, for this year and the future activities continue to hold and form a normalization of the four seasons to create conditions, laid the foundation. Click here to watch the video of the best tourist information > China; > (commissioning editor: Li Yawen (Intern), even pure)相关的主题文章: