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Womens-Issues Curing morning sickness is the dilemma of most soon-to-be-moms. Although the miracle of life excites you and your husband, the feeling of dizziness and nausea may ruin your enthusiasm. If you feel you lost control over your body, there are some remedies to help you manage the situation. Try these simple tips so you can forget about the feeling and just enjoy your pregnancy. Vitamin B6 Scientific studies show that vitamin B6 is good in curing morning sickness. The supplement helps your stomach settle down and prevent the nauseated feelings. As a non-prescription drug, you can buy it from your local health stores. Other manufacturers incorporate the vitamin in different candies to provide immediate relief during the attack. You may also consider foods rich in Vitamin B6 like bananas, avocado, lean meat, fish and nuts. Small Meals Because pregnancy changes your eating habits, you need to divide your food into six small but frequent meals. Instead of three full meals per day, the small servings prevent you from having a bloated stomach and keep your blood sugar within normal limits. Curing morning sickness requires you to keep a low flavored snack at hand in case you get hungry during the day. Pick the Right Food Curing morning sickness is easier when you know the foods to pick and avoid. For this time, low carbohydrate and low fat foods are more preferable than high fat and strong flavored foods. Instead of frying your food, boiling, steaming and broiling are healthier and safer alternatives. Avoid spicy meals as they can worsen your queasiness. Avoid Certain Smells Pregnant women .plain that certain smells worsen their condition. The nauseating scent varies from one woman to another. Some consider the perfume of their husband as irksome, while others despise the aroma of some foods. In curing morning sickness, try to avoid these triggering stimuli. You may ask your partner to use other cologne even just for nine months. For sure, he will understand and be supportive of your request. Relax Stress and overwork are stimuli for the problem. To help you in curing morning sickness, give yourself a time to rest and relax. There are exercises especially suited for pregnant women. You may try these to reduce your stress level. Pregnancy is a time to enjoy your womanhood. Find time to pamper yourself. The first trimester of your pregnancy is an adjustment period for your body. With the different tips in curing morning sickness, the nausea will soon disappear and you can start looking forward to the next trimesters free from morning sickness. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: