Today, these two periods of high-speed traffic on the road, you can take the national road to avoid -tataufo

Today the two periods of time can take the road traffic speed to avoid blocking point yesterday afternoon at 3:30 pm, Shen Expressway to the direction of Ningbo Wen Rui period of accidents, plus the return flow, behind the line. Pictures from Wenzhou high-speed traffic police micro-blog eleven golden week draws to a close, these two days, the territory of Wenzhou high-speed sections are ushered in the return peak. According to previous experience, today’s high speed is bound to open. Yesterday, reporters interviewed traffic police, ask them to talk about, if in large flow to avoid blocking. Shen Hai high speed Yueqing section: yesterday morning at 6, ushered in the return peak, traffic flow increased significantly. Last year, the last day of the golden week, the road traffic flow of nearly 50 thousand. Wenzhou high-speed traffic police brigade is expected, the road will be the largest peak return today morning, 9 am to 11 pm and 3 pm to 6 pm, the two period is often the largest traffic, some key sections prone to queue state. Remind the driver a little more patience, do not jump through the queue, otherwise it is not only easy to cause congestion, but also there are security risks. In addition, the Beltway exit, Jinshan tunnel, Xing Wan mountain tunnel, South Yandang tunnel, in the golden week in other sections of the accident prone, need to be careful when passing. Wenzhou south to see beauty segment: from 9 o’clock yesterday morning, the road began to become more vehicles. Last year, the last day of the golden week, the road traffic volume reached 80 thousand. Wenzhou high-speed traffic police two brigade introduced, today estimated traffic flow will increase by about ten percent. In particular need to be reminded that, within the jurisdiction of sandulin tunnel is easy to block, queuing amble is serious. Need to pay attention to the driver when you return the always on the move, pay attention to traffic information change in congestion in advance under the high-speed, choose to take the road, avoid sandulin tunnel. Wenzhou section of Yong Yong high speed ushered in the return peak at 3 p.m. yesterday, and the traffic flow increased significantly. Last year, the last day of the golden week, traffic nearly 50 thousand. Wenzhou high-speed traffic police four brigade introduced, traffic today may be maintained at around 50 thousand. Through these days of observation, Zhuyong Expressway to the direction of Wenzhou Hua Tan to Yongjia tunnel accident, compared with other sections, passing here need to pay attention to; including Cangshan to Yongjia service area for a long downhill turn road, if in case of rain, the driver should pay particular attention to, because in the accident yesterday a car, due to a sharp turn, the front directly hit the guardrail, the vehicle badly damaged, but caused no injuries.

今天这两个时段高速上车流量大 可走国道避堵点 昨天下午3时30分许,沈海高速往宁波方向温瑞段事故不断,加上返程大流量,后方排队缓行。图片来源温州高速交警微博十一黄金周接近尾声,这两天,温州市境内各高速路段均迎来返程高峰。依据往年经验,今天的高速势必不好开。昨天,记者采访辖区交警,请他们谈谈如果在大流量中避堵。沈海高速乐清段:昨天上午6时迎来返程高峰,车流量增加明显。去年黄金周最后一天,该路段车流量将近5万。温州高速交警一大队预计,该路段今天将出现最大返程高峰,上午9时至11时和下午3时至6时,这两个时段往往是车流量最大的时候,个别重点路段容易出现车辆排队缓行状态。提醒驾驶员多点耐心,切勿插队穿行,否则不仅容易造成拥堵,也存在安全隐患。此外,绕城高速出口方向,金山隧道、杏湾山隧道、雁荡南隧道,在黄金周里较其他路段易发生事故,途经时需小心。温州南至观美段:从昨天上午9时开始,路上车辆开始变多。去年黄金周最后一天,该路段车流量达8万。温州高速交警二大队介绍,今天预估车流量将增加百分之十左右。特别需要提醒的是,辖区内三都岭隧道是易堵点,排队缓行情况较严重。南来北往的驾驶员需注意,返程时关注交通信息变更,在拥堵情况下可提前下高速,选择走国道,避开三都岭隧道。诸永高速温州段昨天下午3时迎来返程高峰,车流量增加明显。去年黄金周最后一天,车流量将近5万。温州高速交警四大队介绍,今天车流量可能会维持在5万左右。通过这几天观察,诸永高速往温州方向花坦至永嘉段隧道群,事故较其他路段多,行经此处需注意;括苍山至永嘉服务区有一段长下坡转弯路段,如果在雨天情况下,驾驶员要格外注意,因为在昨天的一起事故中,有辆车因转弯过急,车头直接撞上护栏,车辆受损严重,所幸未造成人员受伤。相关的主题文章: