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Visit Pakistan Economic Corridor on the Pakistan highway section China (Photos) – Beijing Beijing in September 14 Kashi Xinhua (reporter Yang Dong) with the "China Pakistan Economic Corridor construction is growing up, the middle of 1960s — at the end of 70s to build" Pakistan highway "is gradually out of the dust of history. Pakistan highway, North Xinjiang from Kashi to start, through the Pamirs through the Khunjerab Pakistan border, South to Pakistan, and a total length of more than 1 thousand km, 416 km of which Chinese section. A person, Pakistan highway "is one of the world for the history of the most difficult project," Pakistan is building the road life and blood out of the road of friendship". Out of Kashi, into Kunlun. The path winds along mountain ridges. mountains multiply and streams double back. Elevation is rising rapidly, feeling the clouds touch. Kunlun "three" kongur, kongur nine other and Muztagata, cordial and reserved, kind and dignified, gentle and cool. Pakistan highway came from the known as "the father of the iceberg" Muztagata eyes. Yang Dong photo along the way from time to time you can see all kinds of jewelry stalls. As long as there is parking immediately Tajikistan, Uygur, Kirgiz people carrying the casket surrounded by guests selling gemstones. It is understood that Kunlun Mountains teems with jade, jade produced in this area belong to the Hetian jade — let visitors feel a different kind of vitality in the long silence, remember the great prehistoric era in the name card. Climb SUBASHI Dabancheng, enjoy the Muztagata close, feel to your feet to Rift Valley glacier. Yang Dong Yue Shanghai 4100 meters out of the photo SUBASHI Dabancheng, enjoy the Great Rift and rushed in and under the Muztagata glacier, feeling almost in front of you…… Three glacier distribution area of Kunlun Mountains, Karakorum and Himalaya Range, they are all kinds of forms, both continental type and ocean. Only go to Pakistan highway, in order to enjoy these in the geography book or film to appreciate the unique beauty; only in which, to taste less than in any other place — will appreciate the artistic beauty of ideal, sublimation, purification of the mind.相关的主题文章: