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Arts-and-Entertainment It had been foretold in ‘The Book of the Future’, that one day a magical girl will be born on the earth to ordinary parents. This special girl will have skills and powers beyond anything that has been seen for fifteen centuries. She will be blessed with the abilities to ensure long and lasting peace on earth. Unfortunately she will also be cursed as the only person able to set free the evil High Priestess Faranella, a calculating witch with galactic ambitions. Faranella was banished to the planet Zaydon after a long and bloody war against the ruling wizards of the fifth and sixth centuries. She has been trying to return to the earth ever since. Amelia Pendragon, or Melie as she is known to her family and friends, is that magical girl. Melie was born in the summer of 2001. It was, as usual, a blazing hot day in Arizona, divided by the mid afternoon thunderstorm of the summer monsoon. Melie’s spectacular arrival was nothing .pared to what would follow. Soon after her birth, her parents noticed something different and special about Melie. She was walking at 8 months old, at 11 months old she was conversing in phrases and by 16 months old she was able to hold full conversations. Unbeknown to her parents, a strange and magical co-incidence had occurred. The birth of Melie had been an occurrence that only happens once in every millennium. Her parents’ ancestors were from Scandinavia and England, and they were both wizards. Dormant magical genes had .e together thirty generations later. Melie was born with a ten thousand billion to one chance of inheriting any magical abilities. There was also a billion to one chance that she would never have found out about them. Was this really a co-incidence? At first glance, Melie is an ordinary child. She is pretty, intelligent, and has many friends. She enjoys reading, playing sports, dancing and generally having fun, just like all young girls do. She also enjoys going to school and learning new things. This should be an ordinary story about an ordinary girl, but of course it is anything but ordinary. Melie is pure, innocent and without sin. She is also creating a great deal of interest on Zaydon. Nobody knew when Melie was born that she would have such a profound effect on those around her, how could they have known? She was the first grand-child on both sides of the family and like all grand-children; she was very much loved and adored. But being possessed of magical powers? That is an entirely different story. Melie’s adventure with the Magic Eye shows how she first discovered her special skills and how she first used them. It also reveals the depths that Faranella will plough to escape Zaydon to take back what she believes to be her right. That is to hold dominion over all the earth. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: