Xiangxi and the first music tent festival the 2 day countdown to Internet plus poverty alleviation d-boee

Xiangxi and the first music tent festival the 2 day countdown to Internet plus poverty alleviation drive fast in September, bringing together public, family, music, leisure and other elements of the 2016 · in the cloud; Chinese Xiangxi cypress the first music tent festival will be opened in September 24th. Yongshun Songbai town of Xiangxi, is a typical rely on "Internet plus agriculture" fast mode of township poverty. The tent Festival added many elements have a unique style, warmth, embodies the humanistic care. Let you not only at the festival carnival, but also in the series of activities to show love. It is reported that this tent section to the precise poverty as the theme, will be held September 24-25 in Yongshun County Songbai town held activities include music festival, campfire, watching the sunrise and kiwi, mountain fruit and vegetable picking and other activities. "Poor commander" endorsement of old and new "poverty alleviation pine hired commander" Peng Chuzheng and the Jishou military region commander Liu Changjin, Xiang Yanmei, dou wish equality, become the "pine poverty ambassador", speak for the pine industry; "down to earth" poverty alleviation suning.com electricity supplier and other electronic business platform and Songbai Town People’s government or cooperatives signed on the spot reach a long-term purchase and sale agreement, industrial poverty alleviation; and on the spot in the cypress part of poor households claim one helping; "farmer net red" is to develop suning.com Hunan District Manager Dou Zhuping led the 10 representatives and 100 red net net red pine farmers add each other as friends, taught farmers how to do a real net red. The people with "play games" and kiwi, Suning 180 Red Net activities of synchronized broadcast; the music festival tent "close to nature, pro For the purpose of music, environmental protection, outdoor fun, this weekend will be a romantic camp. Blue sky, white clouds, propeller plateau, Tujia customs, such as beautiful amorous feelings you feel at the scene. Yongshun County Songbai town near Hunan’s first World Heritage Site — our old city site, here, you can feel that the Anti Japanese soldiers on the horn, let the children listen to a very touching story. The night camping tent, together enjoy the Tujia traditional view of waving dance, campfire, and sheep eat Roasted Whole Lamb peak to see the sunrise, will bring you different camping experience. Music, delicacy, camping and recreation, the blue sky, the stars are waiting for living in the city of cement in the forest you. (Wen Linliu & Xiang Hongxin, Li Shaotong)相关的主题文章: