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Information About MS Excel: MS Excel is an important MS Office application which widely used to create spreadsheet. With MS Excel large lists can be created and maintained easily. It is useful for storing contacts, performing financial calculations, doing statistical analysis and much more. It is used for storing any number of contacts along with other details like telephone number, Address, fax number and other important information. Information About vCard: vCard (Virtual Information Card) is basically an electronic business card standard which has been brought by the Internet Mail Consortium. This card is totally different from other business cards that are made with paper or plastic with some text and graphics. Actually, vCards are electronic files having .VCF extension. It is a standard which is acceptable by many different programs and applications like most of the email clients like MS Outlook, Lotus Notes, etc. Even many digital devices like iPhone, iPod, PDA, mobile phones, Palm etc accept vCard VCF format Various Operating Systems also accept vCard. A vCard consists of contact information in rich multimedia format and this file can include the information in the form of text, URLs, images, logos, audio clips etc. vCard are useful to store business contact information like .pany name, email address, fax numbers, telephone number, and much more. Why Need to Import Excel to vCard? If you are using Excel for long then there must be accumulation of bulk of contact in your Excel XLS files. Now, if you want to perform MS Excel to vCard conversion, you need to use some effective Excel file to vCard conversion tool. To export your contacts from Excel to vCard is beneficial as it will save lots of time and energy, or else, if you make successive contact entries one-by-one in the email application then lots of your crucial time will be wasted. Tool to Migrate Excel file into vCard File: If you have been storing huge contacts lists and maintaining contacts databases in Excel XLS files and you want to convert XLS file to VCF file, then you can rely on SysTools Excel to vCard software which is an efficient third-party conversion tool to convert Excel to vCard. This is a viable method to convert Excel contact list to vCard. One third-party tool on which you can rely is SysTools Excel to vCard software. It is a .petent third-party tool, which can be used to import data from Excel to vCard. Using this tool you can easily carry out Excel file to vCard contacts conversion process with great ease. You can also convert contact list and contact databases to vCard in a little time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: